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12 eCommerce Business Mistakes

eCommerce business mistakes

Many businesses in our today’s world have an online presence and they are increasing every day, most especially in retail and eCommerce business.

Online shopping has also increased because many people are now shopping online because of its convenience over the traditional brick and mortar store.

Online shoppers enjoy the ability and flexibility to find virtually any product they need with a click of a button on their mobile phone or desktop computer, as opposed to visiting physical stores or business offices with the hope of finding the perfect product.

eCommerce businesses are the waves of the future; they bring products that you get at a physical store closer to you on your mobile phone through the internet.

I want you to take note of these 12 eCommerce business mistakes that are likely to stop your business from making profits as desired.

So if you have an e-commerce business or if you are just planning of setting up your e-commerce business, take note of this opportunity to expand and grow your sales.

12 Steps to Grow Your eCommerce Business.

1. Poor Customer Service

The biggest mistake of most e-commerce businesses is not taking good care of their customers.

What they fail to understand is that happy customers will pay more and also refer them to their loved ones.

Not taking care of your customers might include the following;

  • Poor customer relationship.
  • Refund denial for a negative product experience.
  • Delay of response to customer inquiries.

It is quite easy to rectify an issue like this. As an e-commerce business owner, you should make sure your train your customer care representatives on how to deal with customer service issues or grievances.

Your business should have written guidelines that are available to both your customer care representatives and customers.

A small positive adjustment like this one will elevate your e-commerce business and increase your sales.

2. Poor Use of Online Marketing Tools

There are numerous online marketing tools that are readily available for online merchants to take advantage of.

Unlike traditional marketing methods like television, radio, and billboard, many of the online marketing tools merchants can take advantage of are free or cheap.

Another benefit of using these online tools is that they are cost-effective and measurable so you will know what tool is working for you and what tool is not.

Taking advantage of an online tool like social media also offers businesses amazing opportunities to promote their business to become visible to their potential audience hanging out on the platforms.

You can make use of social media channels like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

3. Forgetting to Share Product Reviews

Customers will be able to share their reviews when they get the best product from your online store.

Your customers sharing positive reviews about the great products you sell on your website and throughout the online platforms is a way to earn the trust of people who are yet to buy from you.

Positive reviews will turn a one-time buyer into a repeat buyer and also bring more new customers to you.

4. Collecting Customer Data

E-commerce businesses that want to grow should not ignore customer demographic segmentation; ignoring customer demographics will prevent your e-commerce store from growing.

You can also use your e-commerce store for lead generation campaigns, it allows you to keep and track customer demographics.

You will inform your customers about new products, and big sales with the email list you collected through your lead generation campaign.

This email campaign will make customers visit your website even if they don’t consider buying from you before.

5. Poor Shipping Options

Free shipping option is also part of what increases e-commerce business sales. Don’t do the mistake of not offering a free shipping option to your customers.

Some customers look for e-commerce stores with free shipping option.

Even if the store requires them to spend more money they will willingly pay because of the free shipping option available.

Exemption of the free shipping option will have a negative impact on your business profit.

6. Poor Website Design

You must pay attention to your website design and style because this also affects your business sales.

A poorly designed website will look like spam to your store visitors and this will resort in people buying from your competitors instead of you.

You don’t need to design your website yourself, give it to an expert website developer (Full stack website developer) that is also good in both UX/UI design.

Some online shoppers judge your business's credibility based on your website layout and design.

The absence of an appealing design on your e-commerce website will make you lose potential customers.

Your website design should not be too colorful but should look appealing and executive.

7. Poor Branding

A website should be as good as its brand. Designing a logo is not the only branding you need.

In the business world of e-commerce, branding is much more than creating a logo.

A well-developed brand for an e-commerce website should include the following;

  • A responsive and mobile-friendly website.
  • Unique domain name.
  • SEO Campaign marketing.
  • Consistency in Online Advertisement.
  • Social media presence. 

Your store domain name should be easy to remember and if you sell a certain product, you should add that product name to your domain for easy remembrance by first-time buyers or repeat customers.

After that, you have to sure that you implement an SEO campaign into your website.

You will do keyword research on keywords that are related to what you sell and implement them in your website content.

SEO exposes your website to become to your potential audience through the use of keywords.


8. Too Complicated to Make a Purchase.

Any e-commerce business that wants to make a profit and grow should make it easy for people to make a purchase.

Your website should not redirect customers to another website to complete a purchase.

If it does it will give your customers a bad signal and they are likely to leave the cart behind and go to purchase from your competitor even if it costs them more.

Your checkout process should be easy and simple


9. Not Reminding People They Abandoned Their Cart

This mistake is common among many e-commerce businesses. They are not devoted to follow-up of their customers who might have abandoned their carts due to some reasons.

Follow-up is the process of reminding your store shoppers that they have abandoned products in their cart without making a purchase.

Anybody can forget that they have abandoned a certain product in your store.

Therefore, a quick follow-up reminder will alert them that have unfinished purchases to make.

This single line of action can increase your business sales.

You can make use of follow-up software like ActiveCampaign

Follow-up also gives you an opportunity to make appropriate changes when necessary.

Your customers might abandon your cart because:

  • The checkout process might be difficult.
  • The product price might be expensive compared to the price of your competitors.
  • Free shipping option might not be available.
  • They might not have trust in the product.

Whatever the reason might be, you can track and make the necessary changes.

10. No Email Marketing

If you are part of those e-commerce businesses that feel they don’t need email marketing, then you are leaving a lot of money to your competitors.

Although people mostly use social media today and while social media itself continues to grow, email remains an important part of every business that wants to be successful.

Email marketing should be among your e-commerce marketing strategy because it does a lot of benefits to your business.

The benefits include but not limited to the following;

  • It reminds customers about your brand.
  • It is used for product promotion.
  • It can be used to complete transactions.
  • It is used to promote offer.

11. Not Securing Your Website

Because of the numerous activities that the internet is used for today, people are more concerned about their online security than ever.

Therefore, as an e-commerce business owner, securing your website from with the proper SSL certificates and fraud protection software should be necessary.

The absence of this security software on your website will expose your customer's personal and credit/debit card information to online attackers.

Lawsuit charges for stolen or lost customer information are expensive so you shouldn’t take the chances but to install security protection software.

The absence of security on your website will also discourage some customers from buying what you sell because google is likely to warn them about entering their personal information on an unprotected website.

This bad signal from google will make 95% of customers to abandon your website and go to your competitor with a protected site.

12. Poor Return Policies

Your customers want to get a positive experience that will protect their interest if they are satisfied with the product they purchase from you.

Your business return policy should be good enough to make your customers trust you.

A bad return policy will make your customers feel you want to cheat them of their money since it will be difficult for them to get back their money if encounter a problem with the product they bought from you.

A good return policy will bring trust between you and your customers as it will make it easy for them to part with their money.

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