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8 Reasons your website doesn’t convert and how to fix it.


If you are a business owner with a website, or you have an eCommerce website, increasing your website conversion rate will be one of your main goals.

If that doesn’t happen then you will likely find yourself searching for term like “Why is my website not converting?”

This question is a good question you need to ask as a business owner, and the answer will either help or break your website.

If your website doesn't convert and you are looking for an answer on how to solve this problem, or if you will like to increase your website conversion rate then you are reading the right article that will solve your problem on my website.

On this blog post, I will talk about the six most common reasons you are experiencing a low website conversion and how you can fix the issue to increase your conversions and achieve a higher website click-through-rate.

Relax yourself, or grab a cup of coffee as I am about to dive into these issues, you should probably also get a note to jot down what is important to you, or you can bookmark the post and come back to it later if you didn’t grab the post from your first read.

Let’s get started,


Why isn’t my website converting?

This is the first question you will ask yourself if you have a website that is bringing low to nothing sales.

You might have built a website for some years or your website might be new, no matter the situation.

A website with no conversions is like a wasted investment and that would be frustrating, after all, conversions is the reason why the website was built and it is also what will move the business forward.

Now, let’s dive deeper into why your website isn’t converting, and I will give you 2 different important examples.

Example 1:

You just built your website, and it’s not converting

If your website is new, you need to know that new website doesn’t convert easily, you need to do lots of work on it before it can convert, and there is a reason behind it.

For your website to convert and improve your sales, it has to become visible on the search results by ranking higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and there are some few search engine practices you need to follow before search engine can even rank your website.

Some of these search engine practices include;

  • Great User Experience
  • Lots of quality Content
  • Accurate target of industry keywords
  • High Quality Backlinks
  • Time

When you invest in SEO you need to know that your website won’t rank immediately, which means there is no possibility for you to start getting conversions right away, and nothing can be done to accelerate the process to start getting conversions instantly.

However, there are some best SEO practices you need to implement to ensure your website is on the right way to becoming visible on the search engine and improving your conversions.

The first most important thing you need to do if you want to improve your website conversions is to make sure your website ranks higher on search engine as soon as possible, this can be achieved by investing in an SEO Campaign.

How to Fix it: You should hire an SEO expert to get you a custom SEO pricing package and strategy that will improve your website conversion rate.

Example 2:

You have built your website for some time, and it is yet to bring in conversions.

If your website has being around for a while and you are yet to get conversions, then the issue is likely to be serious than a new website with no conversions.

If your website has been built for over 2 years, and you are still not getting your desired results then there few reasons why this happens.

1. You didn’t invest in SEO.

As a business owner you need to know the importance of SEO and how it can help your website search engine rankings. 

Many people think that if they create a website it will begin to rank without implementing an SEO campaign, that is not usually the case.

SEO is the what will make your site rank and become visible.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it will become visible to your target customers in search results.

Without SEO your target customers will find it hard to locate website and know more about you.

If you are not visible to your target customers, they will buy from your competitors instead of them to buy from you.

SEO techniques requires you to do the following:

  • SEO Audit to ensure all aspects of your website are functioning properly and ready for the next SEO campaign.
  • Keyword Research to ensure you are targeting the right keywords of your target customers.
  • Content Creation to ensure you create valuable and quality contents which can be Blog posts, Video, Images, Motion graphics, ebook, White paper e.tc.
  • Content Marketing to ensure your content is distributed to the right spot on the internet and seen by your target customers.
  • Inbound Linking to properly link your website content to one another so search engines can crawl all the content on your website.
  • Backlinks to ensure high domain authority third party websites are pointing to your website to give it credibility.

How to Fix it: Invest in a full-scale SEO campaign and get a Custom SEO strategy for your business.

Hire an SEO Expert to get Started and promote your business to the world.  

If you already have an SEO Campaign and implemented it, and your website is still not converting, then there are some conversion practices you are not implementing. Let’s talk about them

2. Your Website don’t have any Call-to-Action Button (CTAs)

Call-to-Action buttons (CTAs) are conversion buttons that encourages your target customers to take the desired action on your website.

Depending on your business industry, your CTA button could be anything like Sign Up, Buy Now, Book an Appointment e.tc.

For your website to drive you more conversions you need to have an abundance of CTAs on your website encouraging your target customers every now and then to click on it.

Your website CTAs Button should also be Bold and stand out so that online users will find it easy to click on the button and convert.

If they can’t find the button it will be difficult for them to know the next action to take and this will be a real issue when conversion is what you want.

Website CTAs Button is the process of getting paid customers.

How to Fix it: Implement different CTAs on your website, but don’t overuse them so that you don’t frustrate your target customers.

3. Your eCommerce Store don’t have an intuitive cart feature

If you have an eCommerce website, your conversion rate will likely go down if online shoppers are finding it difficult to make a purchase.

For eCommerce store owners you need to make sure that it is easy for online shoppers to shop and check out from your store, the purchasing process should be easy.

You should make it easy and simple for online shoppers to add item to their cart and the check-out process should not also be complicated.

Easy buying process leads to high conversions.

How to Fix it: Hire a Website Developer to create an eCommerce website with an easy buying process.

Online shoppers should be able to buy from your website even if it is their first time on your website.

4. Your Visitors are Overwhelmed with Too Many Options.

Another reason why your website is not converting is because there are too many options on your webpages.

Too many options will confuse your visitors on what their step should be.

If your main goal is to drive conversions then the only option that be on your page is a CTA button that will entice your visitors to convert into paying customers.

When there are too many options (Buttons, sticky header and footer options) on your website your website visitors will likely be overwhelmed by these options and get confused on what their next action could be.

Too many options will result to them making no choice at all which is not good for a website that is meant to drive conversions and bring in sales.

How to Fix it: Re-evaluate all the web pages of your website and ensure you have not more than one call to action button.

If your website has many contents, it is necessary you have more than one CTA button distributed strategically around your contents but not too many to overwhelmed your website visitors.

5. You don’t have a unique value preposition.

People pay for value; they don’t want to waste money buying what does not benefit them.

Before online users purchase any product or service, they do their research to make sure the company they patronize has the ability to solve their problem.

If you want to make it easy for your target customers to consider you in their decision stage, you need to provide them with the value of your products, or services.

For example, if you have a pharmaceutical company and you are trying to sell a cough syrup to your target customers.

It is good you let your website visitors know the value of your cough syrup like, it is for dry cough, it also reliefs headache, it doesn't make you sleep etc.

Without showing the Unique Value Preposition of your product, your target customers are less likely to purchase your product, but will instead purchase from your competitors with Unique Value Preposition.

How to Fix it: talk about the Unique Selling points of your products, or services, how valuable they are and why you target customers should purchase from you instead of your competitors.

6. Your website is not mobile-friendly

More than 80% of website traffic worldwide came through mobile devices. Most of online consumers will visit your website through their mobile phones instead of desktop.

Think of it, now adays people spend more time on their phone than their desktop computer.

You are probably reading this blog post from their phone right now that is to show you how importance it is to have a website that is mobile friendly.

Your website should be easy to navigate on the mobile phone if you want it to convert.

Your website must provide seamless mobile experience to your target customers.

If you want your website to be mobile friendly then you need to pay attention to important elements of your website like images, menus, CTA, Words Size, and Responsive contact form so that your target customers will have great experience when going through your website on their mobile phone like they would on their desktop computers.

For eCommerce websites you need to ensure it is easier for online shoppers to make a purchase from your store.

They must have no difficulty navigating from one category of products to another, inputting their credit card information, inputting their address, checking out from your store and many more

How to Fix it: You need to hire a Website Designer to ensure your website is mobile friendly.

7. Your website is not beautiful enough.

This is one obvious reason why most customers don’t convert. There are so many ugly websites out there and they turn target customers off.

If your website is old and it doesn’t convert it might be that your website is not beautiful enough to compel target customers to convert in paying customers.

You have to hire a website developer to build you a new website that is beautiful and has great user experience.

The website design should follow the modern website design to design website that look slick (Sleek) and professional.

How to Fix it: You need to tell your staff or friends and family to evaluate your website and give you feedback.

You shouldn’t rely on only one person to do it for you, get at least 10 people to share their views on your website and how it can get better.

The feedback they give you will determine what next you need to do on your website to make it better.

At most time the thing you will need to do is to design a new website.

If you can’t design your website yourself and you want to hire a professional for it.

You should hire an SEO Expert with the knowledge of website development, that way you would be able maintain the few traffic you are still getting and to lose it because of new website development.

8. Not giving your visitors guarantee.

Some websites give guarantee to their customers, but there are more websites on the internet that doesn’t give guarantee to their customers.

Lack of guarantee is also one of reasons your website may not convert, if your competitors are giving guarantee and you are not, your target customers will likely purchase from your competitors instead of you.

If you a service provider or you are selling a product it is better to include guarantee alongside your offer so that your website visitors can trust you. People buy from companies they trust.

For buyers that want to purchase from your website addressing their nervousness should be your top priority and giving them a guarantee should be the next thing after your product or service offer.

When you provide great value to your customers, giving them guarantee will not be an issue and this will definitely increase your conversions because it clears any doubt your target customers might have about your products or services.

How To Fix It: Provide guarantee information alongside your product or service offer.

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