Linkedin is a professional social media platform that started its operation in 2003, since then it has grown from a small hub of resume marketing platform to an active professional base of million users.

It stands out from other social media platforms because it created a space that makes it easy to effectively target and reach professionals of different backgrounds all over the world.

LinkedIn has more than 50 percent of users with a college/university degree. It is a necessity for you to have a LinkedIn marketing strategy if you want to target online users by profession, skills, and industry.

I am a digital marketing professional who stays up-to-date with LinkedIn algorithm changes and news so that I can provide you with an effective marketing strategy that will maximize your results. I have experience and expertise in how to use linkedIn’s ad campaign manager and I also have the ability to strategically select among a LinkedIn variety of ad formatting and targeting capabilities which will enable me to generate the best results for your business.

I will closely monitor your ad campaign performance and make the necessary adjustments when it’s still actively running to achieve your business marketing goal. I understand the importance of spending your marketing budget wisely this makes it easy for an easy flow of communication between us.  You will rest assured that you will be notified at every step of your marketing process to ensure that I am effectively using your resources in the right way to achieve your marketing goal and innermost goal desire.

How you can reach the right audience with Linkedin advertising.

Linkedin users provide their personal information on their profiles which makes it easier for you to segment your marketing campaign strategy. Choosing the right audience may be very important to the efforts of your marketing, most especially if you will like to instill a sense of personalization in your marketing campaign.

Fortunately for you, LinkedIn’s ad solutions make it easy for your business to reach out to your relevant audience accurately across the channels. You will also have the ability to reach users with different characteristics, which include the following:

Demographics: This is the Age, gender, and geographic location of your audience.

Company info: The name of the user’s workplace, their business industry, and the size of the company they work for or own.

Job: Your audience’s job title, what their job consists of, and their seniority level; which also includes their field of study and their educational background, and the number of acquired degrees.

Matched audiences: Users who you can choose based on LinkedIn’s data and your personal first-party data like website traffic or email lists.

I will help you determine the best ad targeting format for your business based on your business industry and test different ad formats to identify the best advertisement strategy that will resonate with your potential audience.

LinkedIn has three main categories of formats for its advertisements which are;

  1. Sponsored content
  2. Text ads
  3. Sponsored InMail

Below is an explanation of how these three LinkedIn ad formats vary.

1. Sponsored content

This form of LinkedIn advertisement usually appears in member’s feeds among their posts and content from other businesses and their Linkedln connections. Many companies with a Linkedln presence prefer to go for sponsored content because of the following reasons:

  1. It increases their website traffic.
  2. It increases number of qualified leads.
  3. It increases their video views.

2. Text ads

This type of LinkedIn ad appears on the top, bottom, or side of a member’s feed. These ads also have their own benefits which include: 

  1. Availability in multiple sizes and ratios.
  2. Directing your potential audience to your website through a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button.
  3. It easily and directly captures the attention of your audience.

3. Sponsored InMail

You can use this form of linkedln ad to send personalized messages straight to the inbox of your prospective clients through LinkedIn messenger. This type of ad is ideal for:

  1. Reaching your potential audience with relevant content directly in their message inbox.
  2. Adding a touch of personalized message to your content.

It is critical to measure the performance of your advertisement campaign so that you can understand its success and know when to make the necessary changes if needed to optimize your campaign so that it will achieve the desired results.

I will help you to analyze the progress of your linkedln marketing campaign using data from its campaign manager insights and Google analytics which will be used to give detailed reports on your campaign.

Effective utilization of these two sources for data will allow me to properly measure your LinkedIn ad performance and also to properly analyze the data from traffic that leaves LinkedIn to visit your company website.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights

With the help of Linkedln Campaign Manager Insights, I will be able to analyze data effectively to improve your ad targeting and creativity. When analyzing your data, I will properly look at your marketing key performance indicators (KPI) including impressions, clicks, cost-per-click, InMail opens, click-through-rate, lead form opens, and many more.

Measuring these metrics is relevant for the growth of your business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools for measuring website metrics and it also plays a key role in any social media strategy where increasing the amount of your website traffic through social media is a primary goal.

When analyzing data after users leave linkedln on your website, I will evaluate traffic and conversion data.

Making use of Google Analytics’ extensive data is essential because it is necessary you evaluate the required key factors to maximize the performance of your business.

Benefits of using LinkedIn advertising

Linkedln advertisement is different from other social media advertisements because linkedln is a professional social media channel that allows its users to share their life experiences, skills, job title, description, educational background, and interests all to the benefit of an advertiser if your target audience matches the available options.

The benefits of advertising on LinkedIn include the following:

Specific Audience targeting: 

LinkedIn gives you the ability to narrow down the demographic of your potential audience or select a group of the target individuals you want to reach. You will filter through your potential audience by gender, job, age, title, industry, degree, location, and more.

Active professional user base: 

With the presence of more than 500 million business professionals on the linkedln platform, you will maintain an active presence with a large number of professional users who are interested in learning more about your business.

Increase Brand Awareness:

Through various forms of ads, you have the opportunity to create great brand awareness and visibility for your employees, business partners, and customers.

Promote Business Events and Partnership:

As a professional social media channel, linkedln gives you the perfect space to recruit prospective employees and space to network with other professionals in your field through conference and event promotion.


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