What is Conversion Rate Optimization, and why it matters for your business?

conversion rate optimization

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? Examples of Website Conversions The Core Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization How to know “Good” Conversion Rate Let’s Also Talk About The CRO Process? Below are a few Conversion Rate Optimization best practices when using a website contact form. How to Measure Conversion Rate Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices – […]

What is SEO?

SEO can be categorized into three parts, which are; Search engine basics Which search results are “organic”? Why SEO is important? Below are more reasons why Search Engine Optimization is important; Visibility and Rankings Web Traffic Trustworthy Growth The Difference Between White hat vs black hat SEO Should I hire an SEO professional, consultant, or […]

How to optimize Your Marketing Campaign During Covid-19 Pandemic

covid 19

The covid-19 pandemic makes it harder for people to build and create new businesses because of how hard it is to communicate with people physically. With fewer options on the ground to meet with your customers and business clients, you have to focus on how you communicate and consistently reach people in a new method […]

The Basic Principle of a Sales Funnel

sales funnel

As a business owner, you will need the help of a sales funnel before you can convert your website visitors to buying customers. Failure to have a sales funnel will make your business lose a lot of money. I will explain the basic principle of a sales funnel in this blog post What is a […]

4 Important Reasons Small Businesses Need SEO

small businesses

Website creation is the foundation for many small businesses marketing strategies, though a foundation alone is not enough for a business it is what can be built on that foundation that matters much. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective, rewarding, and highly competitive digital marketing channels that drive organic traffic from target […]

4 Benefits of Google My Business Page


In my previous blog post, I talked about the meaning of Google My Business and how it works. Google My Business is a local SEO tool that increases your online visibility to people searching about your product offering and the services you render. In this blog, I want to talk more and focus on the […]

Importance of Buyer Persona for Your Business

buyer persona

If you are a person that is conversant with online marketing systems in the past few years, you will not be new to the world “Buyer Persona”, which can also be called an “Ideal Customer Profile”  Not everybody knows what a buyer persona is and how they can use it in their marketing. But did […]