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Importance of Content Marketing For Law Firms

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content marketing for law firms

To have resounding success in the legal industry you will need to invest in content marketing, and stand out among the crowd.

Content marketing is one of the ways businesses reach out to and attract their customers, and if you are running a law firm you are not exempted from using content to reach out to your potential customers online.

As an attorney, if you are interested in getting potential clients online, you will need to invest in content marketing for your law firm.

The importance of content marketing for law firms is numerous, part of it is that it helps you stay connected with your clients.

It can also help you to acquire qualified leads by providing online users with legal advice and useful insights.

Content marketing for law firms involves you as a lawyer sharing valuable insights that will make the life of your potential clients easier.

You can also provide content assets that will relieve them of the legal issues that they are facing.

Is Content Marketing Really Important For Law Firms?

Even if law firms have marketing ethics, they must follow in their content marketing campaign

Still, content marketing is important because it solves your potential client’s problems, and helps you to build trust, develop an interpersonal relationship and increase your leads.

There are many people with various legal issues, and questions that need the help of an expert.

These people go online to search for solutions to the legal problems they are facing, this point is where content marketing comes in.

Google is the first place people visit if they are searching for a solution to their problems.

When you invest in a content marketing strategy you will have the opportunity to become visible on Google search engine result pages (SERPs) for target keywords that are related to the legal industry.

When you have a great content strategy in place it will not be difficult for your website to become visible on the first page of Google Search results.

This will increase your sales and improve your conversions.

Content marketing requires you to publish original, relevant and helpful content on your website, this will increase your audience engagement, and increase your firm authority in the legal industry.

Benefits of Content Marketing For Law Firms.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Law Firms

1. Your Law Firm Will Become Visible On Google Search Engine.

If you are consistent in your content strategy, and you publish high-quality content regularly, your website search engine visibility will increase.

Search engine works with online users' keyword intent.

These keywords are sentences that online users use to perform their search queries.

When you include these keywords in your content, you will become visible to online users that are searching for those keyword queries.

Your website visibility will increase your brand awareness, and let you build trust and authority with your target clients.

You can also read about the 5 ways you can boost your law firm visibility with SEO.

2. You Will Retain Your Clients.

You have the ability to retain clients if you are consistent in your content strategy and distribution.

Great content creates positive experiences for your target clients and compels them to come back to your website when they need more insight into any legal issue that they have.

3. You Will Build Trust.

Content Marketing helps you to build solid trust and relationships with online users.

When you create content that benefits your target audience, they will trust you and will likely hire you to solve their legal issues if the need arises.

High-quality content will also increase your brand reputation because your website will be the go-to destination for millions of online users that are having legal issues.

Even if some online users don’t hire you, they will likely recommend you to their loved ones that have legal issues because you have built trust with them through the content you publish on your website.

The more quality content that you publish on your website, the more your target clients will trust and want to hire you.

4. You Will Increase Your Firm Bottom Line

Your marketing strategy has an effect on your firm bottom line, the same thing applies to your content marketing strategy.

Through your website content, you will connect with your target clients and provide them with the necessary information that will encourage them to hire you for your legal services.

When you write content for your website you should not only target commercial keywords.

You should also focus on transactional keywords and include the necessary CTA button that will compel your target clients to convert into paying clients.

5. You Will acquire Backlinks From Third-Party Website

When your website content is original and insightful you will acquire backlinks from third-party websites from the same legal industry.

This backlink serves as a vote of confidence from the website that they trust your website and information on it is unique and helpful.

Acquired backlinks will also increase your website authority and search engine visibility because both online users and Google search engine will have a solid trust in your firm.

6. You Will Increase Your Firm Reputation on Social Media

If you have been finding it difficult to increase your social media followers and engagement then it is the right time you invest in content marketing.

You need to make use of content marketing to increase your firm reputation on social media and increase your awareness among social media users.

High-quality content can increase your brand awareness and firm reputation on social media.

You should have a content marketing strategy and create content that will resonate with each social media channel that your firm has.


  • Facebook: Facts, videos, visual content, blog posts, User-generated Content, Giveaways, Humorous Content, Inspirational Content, Educational Content, History, events, testimonial, etc. (All should be related to your business).
  • Instagram: live videos, visual content reels, carousel posts, seasonal posts, giveaways, user-generated content, etc. (All should be related to your business).
  • TikTok: Challenges, short educational video clips, tutorials, videos of your daily life, etc.
  • Twitter: industry news, threads, visual content, brand announcement, giveaway, blog posts, events, motivational posts, trending topics, testimonials, tips, polls, etc.
  • LinkedIn: Industry content, blog posts, visual content, company growth, case study, polls, educational content, inspirational content, customer spotlight, company spotlight, company achievement, etc.

7. Your Firm will have Loyal Fans

Online users who benefit from your website content will likely become brand advocates for your firm.

Most of them will even become advocates before they hire you.

This can only happen because your website content is of great help to them and they derived lots of benefits from it.

These loyal fans will recommend you to their loved ones and influence them to hire you for the legal services that you provide.

We are done with the benefits of content marketing for law firms, it’s now time we look at the types of content you can add to your content arsenal.

Types of Content Marketing for Law Firms

1. Blog Posts

Blog posts are an important asset of any content marketing strategy because they allow you to speak to your customers and prove that you are a licensed lawyer while also strengthening your website SEO.

You have the ability to create blog posts on every legal issue that your customers might be facing.

You can also create case studies, false claims must not be included in your case studies according to the Legal Industry marketing ethics you must follow as a lawyer.

Blog posts will establish your business presence and increase your authority in the digital space.

With consistent publishing of blog posts, your website will be easily discoverable online and your target customers will have no issue reaching you.

Your blog page is a like a soccer field, it allows you to showcase your relevance, expertise, and creativity.

2. Videos

Video is an important content asset you need to involve yourself with if you want to grow big in the digital space as a lawyer.

Lots of online users love to watch videos because they find them engaging and interesting, that is why YouTube and TikTok have millions of monthly users.

In fact, according to thefactsite, 4 billion videos are watched on Youtube every day

YouTube is a global online sharing video platform by Google, you make use of it to create videos to support your blog posts.

Google does not charge you any money to publish your video on YouTube so I see no reason why you should not make use of it.

You can also make your blog post digestible by including your YouTube video in some of your blog posts.

This can be done by copying the youtube URL of the video you want and then pasting it into your blog post on WordPress.

You can use video to create various legal content on the issues your target customers are facing.

Videos can also be used to highlight the testimonials of your past clients.

Video will enhance the message you are trying to pass across to online users and also increases your chances of getting qualified leads.

Video can also help you to increase your website conversion rate by directing your viewers to take a conversion action on your website while watching your video.

When you create long-form content for platforms like Youtube, you can also cut it into short clips and post it on your social media channels to improve your brand awareness from multiple online platforms.

3. Infographics

Infographics are a visual way to explain a complex message to online users. Some information is better passed through visual illustration.

Messages that are hard to explain through blog posts should be presented to your customers through infographics.

This way you make it easy for your audience to consume and remember the information you are trying to pass to them, and when they save the infographics in their phone photo gallery they can look at it again another time.

It will also let them remember you and they know how to reach out to you when they need your help.

4. Case Studies

You can use case studies to acquire new clients. Case studies stand as proof of how you solve the legal issues of your past clients.

With case studies, you will show your expertise, how your clients benefited from it, and the negative outcome that will happen to their life if you have not helped them out.

You need to be serious with your firm case studies.

In fact, it will be beneficial if you have a case study page on your website that will hold the case studies of important clients you have worked with and how you won the case.

This case study is what some online users will use to score you if they want to hire you because you have proved yourself beyond doubt.

5. Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews of past clients are also content that should not be neglected.

Testimonial is a way of giving voice to your customers.

Testimonials come in different ways; they can come in the form of text or video, but a video is better.

When your clients send you a video on the excellent legal service that you provide to them, it will increase your brand trustworthiness and also increase your leads.

You need to consult with your clients if want to get video testimonials from them.

If your law firm is big enough you can have a video studio there and have them come to you, but if they will not do that you can go to them to take the video.

6. Podcasts

A podcast is an audio method of providing content to your customers.

Investing in podcasts will increase your firm engagement as your clients can listen to your podcast while doing some other things like driving, house chores, etc.

To effectively use podcasts for your content marketing campaign, you will need to have a content plan and release your audio in series so that your clients will be looking up to the next podcast you will release.

7. White Papers

Most people don’t know about whitepapers let me explain to you;

Whitepapers are in-depth guides that contain more information about a specific topic and the problems surrounding it.

With whitepapers, you can educate online users about some legal issues and help them solve them through your content.

If you want to provide your clients with fact-based research to back up some of your legal claims, then a whitepaper is the best way to present it to them.

Whitepapers is different from eBook because it is more in-depth and the opinions expressed in whitepapers are backed up by original research and statistics that show that the information was gathered from reliable sources.

With whitepaper, you will lay out all your research and establish yourself as an authority in the legal industry.

Your whitepaper content will include the use of charts, data, and other sexually appealing techniques that will make it more attractive to read.

8. Quizzes

Almost everybody loves quizzes, and when people come across them on the internet they find it hard to resist.

Quizzes have their importance for companies that use them.

It can be used to collect valuable information online, It is also a great way to engage online users, in fun and interactive ways.

It can also give you an insight into your online user's interests and preferences.

Depending on the kind of quiz you post, you can use it to know the kind of legal problems online users are facing.

This information will guide you on how to produce content that can solve those problems for them.

9. eBooks

eBooks are also a good method of providing great content to your clients.

eBooks are like takeaway packages that you give your visitors as souvenirs.

It is a great way to collect the personal information of your website visitors.

When your target customers visit your website to read your blog posts, you can provide them with a PDF option of the blog post so that they can read it in their free time.

To send PDFs to their emails they will have to provide their email address and their first name.

You can use the information you get to nurture them and build trust by providing them with more helpful content, but this time directly to their mail inbox.

10. Emails

All the content I listed from number 1 to number 9 is to acquire leads.

Emails messages are what will help you stay connected with the leads you acquire through other content.

With emails, you can send messages regularly to your clients.

The messages you send will always make them remember you and know what you offer.

It is possible that when you send emails to your clients some of them may not open it.

If you want to compel them to open your emails you will need to provide them with content that is fun, informative, and relevant.

You can provide valuable content to your client emails and also include links to some of the content that you want to share with them according to your goal.

You can also send them links to download new PDFs and whitepapers that you created.

Your drip email content will let you connect to your clients consistently and prove you are an authority in the legal industry.

How to Create Evergreen Content For Your Law Firm

How you create your content is as important as knowing the type of content to create.

The key to content marketing for law firms is to create evergreen content that will compel your clients to always visit your website for more.

1. Keyword Research:

The first step towards creating insightful evergreen content for your law firm is to conduct keyword research.

When you conduct keyword research you will get an insight into how your target audience is searching for queries related to the legal industry.

SEMRush is an SEO tool that can help you with your keyword research, it will give you a detailed keyword analysis.

2. Create Long-Insightful Post: 

You need to create long insightful blog posts that will be able to address the legal issues your target audience is struggling with.

Long insightful posts that address your target audience's legal issues will increase your website visibility on the search engine and position you as an authority in the legal industry.

When your website's search engine visibility increases you will able to generate long-term organic traffic through the search engine.

3. Make it Interesting:

Most people easily get bored when reading a long blog post, so to get your website visitor's attention you need to add rich media to your blog posts.

You should also make it skimmable by using, bolded titles and subtitles, bullet points, and bolded some specific text that you want them to see.

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