2020 has been a year of a bit rollercoaster for most business owners. With the unprecedented global covid -19 and the new delta variant pandemic that affected the world’s economy, the solution for many businesses has become unclear.

During the period of this pandemic outbreak, the world has relied on technology to enable us to stay connected to continue our businesses and personal dealings.

What this translates to is that businesses are more dependent than ever on their digital marketing strategy to keep up the communication with their customers. The end of conferences and events and the stoppage of doing face-to-face business, meetings, or networking, has challenged business owners on how they can develop new brand sales and continue to strengthen their customer relationships.

Especially for those businesses that rely on trade shows and exhibitions to network, and for small and medium businesses. The covid-19 pandemic has made it harder for businesses to acquire new customers through door-to-door marketing.

What I am trying to say here is that the marketing budget for traditional marketing can now be reallocated to digital marketing to achieve the marketing result of both acquiring new customers and staying connected to old customers.

Because of this, business owners need to start thinking of implementing a digital marketing strategy for their business.

Having said this, the great question is, how can businesses adjust their marketing strategy during this pandemic?

I have put together a guide on how you can review your digital marketing strategy to achieve success in the “new normal”

How to Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing During The Pandemic

1. Re-analyze your business marketing goals

With the disruption to 2019 businesses marketing plans and strategy and the constant change in our society, it will be of great benefit to you to re-access your business goals and know if your marketing strategy is effective or not.

If your business marketing network was built physically instead of digitally, then with the new normal of life that the covid-19 pandemic has brought upon us this will be a good time to take advantage of the digital marketing strategy.

Your previous strategy is no longer relevant and so you will need to replace your physical marketing communication and adopt a digital marketing communication method.

Most customers are now resorting to the internet to gain information about businesses and to get reviews on a product before they purchase it.

Your business marketing messages need to resonate with what your customers are looking for before your business can serve your customers. With the knowledge of this in mind, it will be important if you can spend some time researching your customer’s needs and how your business can serve them.

You are likely to get started by asking yourself a few questions like:

  1. What are they searching for online?
  2. Where digital marketing channel do they use to search for it?
  3. How has coronavirus changed their buying habit?
  4. How do they purchase their products and services without visiting the physical store?

These questions are vital questions that will determine how you can adjust your digital marketing strategy to resonate with your target customers and align with your business goals.

2. Improve your business inbound marketing campaign

When your target customers are already searching for your business services or products online, then it will be the best time to analyze your marketing strategy to become visible to your target customers and drive inbound sales.

How are your target customers finding your business website? Are they searching for your business directly (Typing your website URL in the search engine) or indirectly (Knowing about your business website through your SEO marketing or paid advertisement)

At a stage like this, it will be important to analyze your business website traffic to get the detailed information on how your target customers are reaching you, and if your target customers are not visiting your website then you will need to improve your marketing campaign so that your website can be seen online by your target customers that re interested in your business services or products.

If you haven’t been paying attention to your business SEO campaign or website optimization, you have to start doing it now.

Make good use of your time to review and update your old contents, writing brochures or white papers that will be of benefit to your target customers and you also need to check if your blog post meta tags and meta descriptions are all updated. You can also do some SEO audits on your website yourself to give you a glimpse of changes you might need to make on your website.

In addition, if you are not spending your business marketing budget on conferences and events, you should invest in an SEO campaign strategy. An SEO campaign will increase the number of target customers that visit your website. SEO campaigns increase website target customers organically rather than investing in paid advertisement.

3. Re-analyze your business communication strategy

When the coronavirus pandemic first struck the world, most businesses and individuals were being hit with the virus-related emails hundreds of times per day. Companies keep sending similar messages to people’s inboxes over and over again.

‘Unprecedented times’, ‘Stay safe and keep social distance’, ‘we’re here for you’ – messages we’ve all heard now time again since March. If you want your business to stand out in a crowd, you have to really think about your communications strategy and how you will come across to your audience.

Customer segmentation and targeting can really help you to send emails to your customers on a more personal and professional level on what is really important to them. But most importantly, you should save your outbound messages for relevant communications such as “wishing your customers on their birthday if you have their birth details”, “Business awareness”, and “promotions or virtual events you will like to run for your business, or customer orders” E.tc.

You should remain relevant and valuable to both your newly acquired and existing customers, instead of using the covid-19 pandemic as a marketing ploy. After reading this, you should try to re-evaluate your business communication strategy to make sure your campaign falls in line with your customer’s needs so that they can trust you enough to come back to you.

 4. Analyze, review and adapt to the new trend.

New trends are coming out daily as the world experiences the pandemic distort our lives. In the office, out of the office, you are told to stay at home and stay safe; it’s really difficult to keep up. As a business owner, this is the critical reason why it is important for you to constantly analyze and monitor your marketing metrics and data to find out what is really working for your business.

Getting the required details about the web pages that your target customers visit frequently will give you the necessary idea to tweak and fine-tune other web pages to meet your customer’s needs. It is necessary you deliver quality, relevant and engaging content for your target customers.

You should do thorough research on what your target customers are looking for on social media, the social media channel they are looking for it, or you should pay attention to the keywords they are typing on the google search engine, and the website they visit frequently.

Your different approaches and marketing tactics will have different levels of success. This pandemic period is the right time to take advantage of digital marketing, because it will play a key role in your business profit and how you effectively communicate with your target customers without visiting them physically. Your offline customers are now online, you should convert them with your digital strategy and turn them into paying customers.

5. Look into a long-term digital marketing strategy

The pandemic shouldn’t be the only reason why you should involve your business in digital marketing. Many businesses have leveraged digital marketing to make a profit before the pandemic even started, and now that the pandemic is here if you are just into the digital marketing space and if the strategies are working for you then you should not stop your digital marketing campaign after the pandemic has gone but you should rather continue to make your success with it.

Investing your time and effort in your business digital marketing strategy on a re-allocated budget will give your business a long-term gain during and after the covid-19 pandemic.

If you have an interest in investing in a digital marketing strategy that generates results such as SEO, SEM, Content marketing, or email marketing, to make your marketing budget work more harder and effective, do not hesitate to get in touch or give me a call on 07019017581. ​


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