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7 Best Digital Marketing Services For a Law Firm

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Digital Marketing Services For a Law Firm

The world we live in today is a digital world, and as a business owner, you need to take advantage of various digital platforms to connect with your customers.

The same rules apply to attorneys who want to promote their law firm; for your law firm to be successful in the present world you need to have a competitive digital marketing strategy.

This article you are about to read is for an attorney who is looking for the best way to promote his/her law firm to the target customers.

If you are a lawyer and you are reading this then congratulations.

You are about to discover the most effective digital marketing strategies for the growth of any law firm.

Although online advertisement might seem to be confusing to many people; you can hire a digital marketing professional if you find it difficult to work on your firm marketing plan yourself.

But if you want to learn so you will know about the best digital advertisement services that will work for your business before you hire anybody to work for you then you can continue reading my article.

In this article I want to outline the best digital advertisement services that will increase your website organic in the search engine and also increase you law firm brand awareness.

Relax yourself on your chair with a chill glass of water while we get this started.

7 Best Digital Marketing Services For a Law Firm

1. Firstly: You need to have Digital Marketing Plan for your Law Firm.

Before launch, the first thing for any business owner to have when starting a digital marketing campaign is to have an effective marketing plan.

This same thing applies to law firm advertisement as you are also trying to reach a specific goal for your marketing campaign.

For your marketing campaign to be successful you must not jump into marketing your law firm to your potential clients without first having a marketing plan.

Your plan will state the present condition of your law firm, where you are headed and how you can use digital marketing to achieve it.

It is not a good practice to start any marketing campaign without a goal you want to achieve.

Although digital advertisement is cost-effective yet you will lose huge amount money if you are run a digital advertisement without a specific goal in mind.

Every business need a plan for their marketing activities and your law firm is not exempted, meanwhile your firm marketing plan don’t need to require lot of paper work.

Ideally, it can be page overview of your company objectives, mission, source of customers and tactics to measure your success.

Below is an Ideal of law firm marketing plan:

1. Your marketing plan purpose

  • Do you want to be seen as authority in your industry?
  • Do you to generate new clients constantly?
  • Do you want your law firm to be a household name?
  • Do you want to develop the reputation of your law firm?
  • To develop your firm’s reputation?
  • All of the above? (If your answer is “All of the above” then every other thing in your marketing plan should align with these goals.)

2. What digital advertisement strategy did you want to use to achieve your marketing plan?

  • Video Advertisement.
  • Social Advertisement.
  • Email Marketing/Lead Nurturing.
  • Paid-par-click Advertisement (PPC).
  • SEO.
  • Conversion rate Optimization (CRO).
  • Content Marketing.
  • And many more.

3. Which marketing tactics are you deploying to achieve your goal?

The marketing tactics you deploy will align to how your goal can be achieved and this can include

  • How often you will publish quality contents on your website? Is it 2 or 3 times a week? (As a lawyer you need to be consistent in publishing website content if you want to be successful)
  • What keywords will you target with your content?
  • How and when will you distribute press releases for your law firm?
  • Who will handle your content marketing strategy?

4. The metrics of your marketing campaign.

These metrics are the metrics that will determine the success of your marketing campaign.

  • Is your website organic traffic increasing by month?
  • What is the average position of your website on the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • How many qualified leads sign up on your contact form each month?

If you are able to define your digital advertisement strategies your marketing campaign will be effective enough to give you the results you desired.

2. You need to have an amazing and compelling Website.

Your website is your passport to reach your potential clients anywhere they are present in the world.

Your law firm website is your online office which must be beautifully designed because it is your first impression before your potential clients decide to call you.

It is also a page where your digital marketing campaign will lead your potential customers to.

This makes it very important that you have a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate which will make it very easy for your potential customers to navigate through and reach you if they need to talk to you.

Your website is the epicenter of your digital advertisement campaign.

Apart from your website design, user friendliness and user interface; you also need to pay good attention to your web copy.

Listed below are lists of the must-have elements for your law firm’s website.

  • Mobile friendly.
  • Fast loading time.
  • Easy navigation.
  • A branded home page.
  • A clear call-to-action button.
  • One full page per area of practice.
  • Contact Information (Including phone number, online meeting link and Office address).
  • Blog page (For your blog posts and articles).
  • Case studies (to display your accomplishments).
  • Domain Security (HTTPS).

3. Create SEO Optimized Content.

Search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO is the process of creating content that is valuable to your potential and search engine in order to increase your website ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO is so important for law firms because it target potential customers who are already looking for your services.

It attracts your potential clients to your website through the content you publish on your website.

Unlike Pay-per-click advertisement, the SEO contents you publish on your website will increase your website authority, visibility and your potential clients will trust more since your website is visible when they type for keywords to solve their problems.

Firstly, you need to keywords research for the relevant keywords your potential clients are using to search for your service in the google search engine before you write SEO content and publish it on your website.

Although SEO will take time before it starts giving you result, it is better than paid advertisement because it only bring qualified leads to your website.

SEO takes 6 months before you start seeing increase in your website traffic.

6 months of regular posting of quality website content will increase the rank and visibility of your website in google search engine results pages (SERPs) for keywords that are related to your business.

To be successful in your SEO marketing strategy your website must have a blog page through which you will consistently publish SEO optimized blog posts to drive organic traffic to your website.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you should start posting 3 blog posts a week and if you are confuse on what to write you can write on any anything you are knowledgeable about in your industry.

4. Create High-Quality Videos About Legal Activities.

Businesses with an active video marketing campaign see an increase in their bottom line because video continue to be among the most effective digital advertisement strategy for any business that want to succeed and increase customer engagement.

Doing a video about your law service to educate your potential clients is an effective way to get new paying clients

Instead of writing them a boring text, you are presenting a visual copy of how they can solve their problems.

You can start YouTube video marketing for your law firm posting regular educational videos about law activities.

Apart from publishing your video on YouTube you can also include it in your website blog posts so that your potential clients will find your website engaging enough to want to visit again.

Your video should be about the legal problems that people are facing, how they can solve it and how you have helped many people solve their legal hurdles.

5. Host Regular Webinars.

Webinar can be used for a lead generation campaign by any business and as a law firm owner who wants increase number of clients.

Running a webinar on how to solve legal problems your potential clients are going through is a useful digital advertisement strategy for winning new clients.

To make the most out of your webinar video, you can also publish it on your YouTube for more YouTube users to watch and learn.

Running monthly webinar is a good marketing strategy if you are serious about increasing the number of your paying clients.

For you not to feel overwhelmed, you can create a roadmap for your webinar campaign after that you would run a pay-per-click ads to the general public so that interested people can sign up for your webinar.

I can work with you if you need a digital marketing professional that can handle your webinar campaign.

6. Write and Publish Press Releases.

Press release is a good way of pushing your law firm objectives to a large number of online users.

Writing and distribution of press releases to various news platforms on the web will expose your law firm to many people who haven’t visited your website before and ultimately it will generate backlinks for your website.

Press releases for law firm is like killing one bird with two stones because it gives you double advantages which are

  • It markets your law firm to the wider world.
  • It also drives traffic to your website from trusted web sources.

When writing your press content, you need to be careful not to sell your service to the people, instead you should write about the important legal problems people are facing in your target niche, and then you include a link to your website.

Take Note:

Your press release content should not be more than 1000 words so you don’t bore the people reading it without them visiting your website.

7. You need to have a Retargeting Strategy.

What do you do with more than 90% of potential clients that visit your website without calling you?

One of the reasons why digital marketing is the best marketing method that should not be neglected is the ability to re-advertise to people who visited your website without taking the desired action.

After your website quality content has attracted more and more potential clients to your website.

Taking advantage of re-targeting will show your ad to online users who visited your website in the past.

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