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8 Important Types of Emails That You Need to be Sending to Your Subscribers.


Email marketing is a cost-effective online advertising method that is used to nurture business leads.

Email marketing offers companies the help of building direct relationships, and communication with acquired leads, and provides them with the necessary information that will convert them into paying customers.

There are more than enough types of email marketing you can use to connect with your leads.

These types exist to help you build a strong relationship with your leads.

In this article, I want to discuss with you the eight (8) important types of emails you need to be sending to your subscribers.

Eight (8) Types of Emails You Need to Send to Your Subscribers.

1. Welcome Emails

The very first type of email you need to send is a welcome email.

Welcome emails are the first and most important emails you should send to your new email subscribers, and they are really important because they will make a positive first-time impression on your acquired leads.

If you are a business owner you will want your leads to have a positive impression on your business, this makes it important to send welcome emails to your newly acquired leads.

A welcome email is an essential email that will keep your business in the mind of your subscribers, so your welcome email needs to be interesting, and informational, this will allow your leads to get familiar with your business.

Sending welcome emails to your new leads is also a way to tell your target customers that they are important to your business and that you value them.

You can show your newly acquired leads that you value them by sending them emails with offers.

These offers can be a free trial, discount, free resource, or anything of value that will interest them.

The free offers you provide to them via their emails are a great way of appreciating them for signing up for your lead capture form.

Welcome emails are the most effective and they can earn you more sales, and conversions if done properly by sending the right messages to your leads.

You will generate five times more open rate than normal email messages.

Adding offers will triple your message's open rate, and entice a large number of your leads to convert into paying customers.

Online users that turn into leads are already interested in your business, adding an offer will entice them more, and they will be willing to learn more about your business.

You need to keep sending welcome messages to your new sign-ups to get them excited about your business offering and to market your brand to them.

2. Educational Emails

The second on my list is educational emails.

Educational emails present you with a great way of marketing your company to your subscribers. With educational emails, you are given the opportunity to teach your subscribers about your business.

These types of emails are sent with the motive of teaching your subscribers about your business.

Chances are that your new subscribers will have known few details about your business after you send them welcome messages.

That doesn’t mean that they have known all the necessary details about your business.

Sending them educational emails will give them the important details about your business offering.

Educational emails give you the opportunity to teach your subscribers about your business products, services and other things your business is involved in that will help to improve their lives.

These emails will help them understand your business, and you can help them solve their problems.

Educational emails are a great way you can provide your target customers with the necessary information about your business products, or services.

It will help your subscribers know more about the core benefits of your business, and how your business can provide solutions to their problems.

Informing your subscribers about your business will increase your sales, as they are already aware of how you can help them solve their challenges.

3. Promotional Emails.

Promotional emails are known to be among the most effective email messages that are sent to email subscribers.

These emails are sent to subscribers so that they can take the purchasing action.

Online shoppers love promotional emails because they contain juicy business deals such as discounts, free trials, and many more.

These emails present you with a great opportunity to promote your business with offers to your subscribers.

For example, you can send them emails with special offers that they can benefit from because they are your email subscribers.

This message will make them feel appreciated, and they will likely want to make a purchase from you if they need anything that is related to your business.

When you send promotional emails to your subscribers, you will increase the rate at which they engage with your emails.

What I meant is that after sending promotional emails to your subscribers they will always love to hear from you, which will motivate them to open any email messages that come from you so that they will be aware of any future promotional offers.

Promotional emails will increase your sales, and conversions, as you have presented your subscribers with offers that will entice them to make a purchase.

4. Re-engagement Emails

The behavior of your email subscribers is different. Not all of them will often engage with your email messages.

Some of them will engage often with your messages, while others will not engage frequently.

To get all of them along together, what you need to do is to send them re-engagement email messages that will entice them to have an interest in your business again.

When you use an email marketing software provider like MailChimp, you will be given a report on some of your email subscribers that are not engaging frequently with your emails.

Sending those subscribers re-engagement emails will help you to further present your business to them in a better, and more enlightening way.

Remember, your purpose of sending them a re-engagement email is to get them interested in your business again, so the re-engagement emails you will send will be different from your regular emails.

You can send them emails based on their experiences, and behavior on your website.

To send them a re-engagement email you can send them messages based on the web pages that they visited on your website.

This is a great opportunity to get back to think about your brand since you have sent them re-engagement emails based on their need.

You can also use re-engagement emails to ask your subscribers about what they will like you to provide for them, or how you can serve them better.

Your re-engagement emails can be a great way to increase your sales and conversions.

5. Cart Abandonment Emails

These types of emails are for eCommerce businesses.

They are essential for the growth of many eCommerce websites, and they are used to increase sales conversions.

It is not all online shoppers that add items to their shopping cart that will purchase.

 There are several reasons why online shoppers abandon shopping carts, it might not only be for lack of interest, it might be anything else.

Online shoppers abandoning your shopping cart is not a lost sale, you can still re-engage online shoppers by sending them cart abandonment emails that will entice them to visit your eCommerce store, and complete their purchase.

Another reason why online shoppers might not buy what they added to their cart is that it is very common with people to think about what they want to buy before making a purchase.

While they are thinking about it, you are not supposed to leave them alone, if you leave them alone, they are more likely to forget about those products.

What you need to do is to send cart abandonment emails that will help them with the remembrance of what they want to purchase.

Your cart abandonment email can also come with an offer so as to entice them into making a purchase.

Cart abandonment emails notify your subscribers that they left their shopping cart without making a purchase.

The emails can be like, “Seems like you forget something,” or “Your abandoned product is still available”.

Your subscribers will likely open these emails to see what it is they have forgotten.

After opening these emails some of your subscribers will decide to make a purchase.

The purpose of these emails is to encourage your subscribers to visit your online store and take the required action.

6. Urgency Emails

Urgency emails are among the great emails you can send to your subscribers, and convert them into paying customers.

These emails are not ordinary emails, they are powerful emails that will entice your subscribers to make an urgent decision in order to take advantage of your business limited offer.

Urgency emails will require your subscribers to act at the present moment without any further delay.

You can use urgent emails to market some of your business products, or services.

The offer you want to present to your subscribers should be what they need the most, or what you know they are most interested in.

Offer them these products, or services, and send them messages that will compel them to make a purchase before your offer runs out.

Online shoppers participate more in offers with limited time because they don’t want to miss out and not purchase the product or services they have wanted for a very long time.

7. Review Emails

Reviews are customer feedback, and they are important for the growth of any business.

Most online shoppers will like to see a certain amount of positive reviews from your past customers before they purchase from you.

It is good to ask for reviews after some of your email subscribers purchased your products or services.

Review is also a great way that let you know about your customer's experience with your products or services.

A few days after your email subscribers have to make a purchase, you can send them an email asking them to make a review about what they purchased from you.

Each of your paying subscribers will give different reviews, some reviews will be negative, while some will be positive.

It is cool to have a negative review, it is not necessary you have positive reviews all the time.

Negative reviews are a sign that you need to improve your business.

8. Product Confirmation Emails

Online shoppers will want to receive a confirmation email for them to make sure that their purchase was successful, and even if their purchase is unsuccessful, they also want to receive a notification about it so that they can try again.

A confirmation email is a necessity to complete a purchase. This email can also be an acknowledgment email.

It means that their payment was successfully received, so they have completed their transaction.

Your subscribers will trust your brand better when you send them confirmation emails after every successful transaction.

They will be more comfortable spending more money on your business.

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