As a business owner did you know that 53% of website traffic comes from the search engine organic search results? Compared to only 15% of traffic that comes from paid search traffic; with this huge amount of traffic coming from the search engine results pages (SERPs) you will see how important it is to have an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Although, website traffic increase is not the only goal of running an SEO strategy, with an effective SEO strategy you can as well increase your business leads and paying customers plus SEO support different digital marketing strategies to increase your conversions and brand market share.

For example, when you mix your SEO strategy with paid ads, you can retarget potential customers who come to your website through your SEO efforts with paid ads. This means that you are leveraging the PPC campaign to help you move your potential customers through your sales funnel, rather than forcing them to make a purchase in their first contact with you.

Another help of SEO to your business is that it will help you reduce the amount of money you spend on your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and customer acquisition cost by increasing your website ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If your website ranks high on page one for your target customer’s keyword, you don’t need to care about spending money to rank that keyword in the search engine.

You really don’t need to pay for your target customers to click on your ad keywords when you can earn organic traffic from the keyword through your SEO efforts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) brand value is far greater than pay-per-click (PPC) value. With an effective and great SEO strategy, you will increase your business market value and brand awareness by making it become visible to your target customers every time they type keywords that are related to your business on the google search engine.

For you to show up and become visible on google search engine results pages (SERPs), you must first offer solutions to your potential customer’s search engine queries through your website contents and anything that will help them solve their problem. And if they can’t solve the problems their self they will contact you to help them out since you have shown them you are knowledgeable about how to solve their problems through your website contents.

An inbound marketing strategy like this put you ahead of your competitors when you start building it early. Although, it will take time before you start seeing results. SEO takes six months before you will begin to see results if you just want to start it.

Because it takes more than 3 months before results start showing, some companies ignore the numerous benefits they could get from SEO, but a business that wants to succeed should not ignore an SEO campaign. The reason is that your target customers will trust you if they found you organically through the search engines than if you appear to them through paid advertisement.

This trust they have in you and the quality content they found on your website will make it easy for them to buy from you and if your products or service is good they will refer you to their loved ones.

Three Organic Ways You Can Increase Your Website Traffic

1. Publish one blog post per week. 

There are many content marketers and SEO experts online who will like to see their content marketing and SEO plan to you. In their plan, they will help you publish between 2 to five blog posts every week while you spend a lot of money for them to do for you.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be like that if you don’t have enough capital to hire a professional content marketer or SEO expert. Instead, you can start by yourself by publishing just one piece of blog post a week.

Here is how you can go about it:

  1. Gather most frequently asked questions of your customers or you can ask them what questions they had before or after buying if you don’t already have these handy.

It is good to invest in marketing professionals who can handle it better for you but not every business is big enough to hire an SEO expert.

Backlinks are what give your website credibility in the eye of the search engine. If your website is new, there is a possibility that you will not have a backlink, and this makes your website look like spam in the eye of the Google search engine.

This is the reason why some people love to buy existing domains when launching their business. The active years of your website and the quality of your web content will also determine the quality of backlinks it will acquire.

Acquiring backlinks from high authority websites will increase your website’s position in the google search engine results pages (SERPs), but getting quality backlinks from high authority websites is not an easy task.

You don’t need to be afraid, as a rookie there are a few ways you can build your own backlink profile. They are stated below;

  1. Responding to relevant questions from your target customers on Reddit, Quora, etc. Give your potential customers free advice on the problems that they have, and add a link in your answers back to those articles on your website.


These opportunities are low-end opportunities, and they will likely not make a huge difference to your business immediately, but with consistency, these backlinks will add up to your business growth by putting you in an excellent SEO position than doing nothing.

3. Hire a freelancer SEO expert.

Your company might not have enough capital to hire an SEO agency for full-time SEO work because of their high price of operation. Many digital marketing agencies start their SEO project for $10,000 a month.

But you might not be able to spend more than $1,500 a month to hire an SEO expert that will take care of all your SEO strategies.

Below are a few of the services your SEO expert can offer you:

  1. Keyword research: keyword research is the important thing to do before writing content that will attract your potential customers to your website. Keyword research is what will be used to build a stronger content strategy around the articles that you publish on your website. The keywords will be a mixture of short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

SEO will provide your business with many great opportunities. Apart from increasing your website traffic, you can increase your business sales, conversions, and market value. It might take a long (6 months) before SEO starts seeing results, yet ignoring SEO is a big mistake for any business that wants growth.

As an SEO expert, you can hire me for an effective SEO strategy that will increase the growth of your business.


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