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7 Importance of Blogging For Your Business Website


Presently, there are more than one billion people worldwide with access to the internet, and as a business that wants to increase sales, this is a better time for you to include blogging in your business marketing strategy.

Apart from the fact that you can increase your website's organic traffic with blogging, you can also use blog to promote your business products, and services.

Blogging can earn you trust because through it you can provide solutions to the problems of your target customers.

In this article, I want to let you know the importance of blogging and its positive impact on the growth of your business.

Begin I list the importance of blogging, let me start with the definition of blogging for business.

What do you understand by Blogging?

Blogging is an online marketing tactic that involved the use of blogging to attract online users to your business website.

A business blog can also be used as an online marketing channel as it helps in achieving business marketing goals.

Now, let’s get down to listing the importance of Blogging.

Importance of Blogging

Many business owners that are just starting out a website usually ask me this question. Is blogging important? The answer to that is ‘YES’, blogging is important.

It has numerous benefits it can do for your business, but in this article, I want to list 7 important of blogging for your business website.

1. Blogging helps to generate targeted traffic to your website.

This is the first on my list. Designing your website is not enough, you will need to generate a huge volume of traffic before your target customers will make the decision to purchase from you.

There are many ways you can generate traffic for your website, but the most effective, and budget-friendly way of generating targeted traffic is to use your website blog posts.

If you are new to the marketing world, I want you to know that it is not enough for you to have a website, you need to promote your website for visibility before your target customers will consider buying from you.

Your website can generate traffic through;

i. Search Engine: 

This is for your target customers that already know about your business, they type your website URL into their web browser.

Although you will have traffic if you already have lots of online users that know about you, but your traffic will not increase as you are limited to only those that know about your business.

ii. Paid Advertisement: 

You can get traffic by paying for ads. When you pay for ads, your ad copy with your website URL link will be promoted on different online platforms.

This online advertisement method is good for businesses with a huge marketing budget, and it only works as far as you continue to pay for your ads.

With blogging, you will attract organic traffic to your website because frequent publishing of blog posts on your website will signal to search engines that your website is updated.

2. Blogging enhances your business search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

I know you will have some pages on your website with content. How often do you update these pages with new information?

I know the answer will be not that often, some businesses don’t even bother to update any of their website content.

Do not panic, blogging can solve this problem for you.

By including a blog page, and posting regularly on your website, you will notice an increase in your website's organic traffic.

This will give your website an opportunity to earn the first spot on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

3. Blogging can also be a source of content Ideal for your social media channels.

After you publish your blog post on your website, you can also share it via your business social media channels.

This will also notify your social media followers that you have published a new blog post on your website.

And if your blog post is valuable, your followers will share it on their social media page, which will expose your website to new online users.

Sharing your blog posts on your social media channels will help you in generating new website visitors that might be interested in your business, and it is also a sign that your business is credible, and trustworthy, as you are sharing blog posts that are beneficial to online users.

Apart from that, blog posts can also be used for social media content; you can repurpose part of your blog content, and share it on your social media channels as social media posts, instead of coming up with new social media content every time.

4. Blogging can generate qualified leads for your business.

After you are able to generate organic traffic through your website blog posts, you will have a huge opportunity to convert your website traffic into leads.

Every blog post that you publish on your website will present you with an opportunity to convert the organic traffic that you generated into leads. 

Generating leads through your website blog posts is not a complicated marketing process, but a straightforward one; all you needed to do is to add a sign-up form on your blog page with a clear call to action button.

You need to provide a valuable resource to your traffic if you want your target customers to provide you with their information for future lead nurturing.

This valuable resource can be in form of whitepapers, fact sheets, trials, ebooks, etc.

If you still don’t get it let me break down the process it takes for you to convert your website traffic to leads for future nurturing:

  • Your target customers visit your website.
  • They read through your website blog post.
  • You presented them with an offer while reading your blog post.
  • Visitors accept the offer by filling in their information in your contact form for them to get the offer.
  • Your offer was sent to their email inbox.

Leads are important for future nurturing, and 80% of your website blog posts should have a contact form, this is how you can convert your website visitors into leads for your business.

Meanwhile, you need to be fully aware that it is not all your website visitors that will become leads.

All your blog posts readers can not convert into leads, it is a normal scenario, but you should make effort in increasing your business leads frequently.

5. Blogging drives long-term results for your business.

Businesses that have search engine optimization (SEO) strategy use their blog posts to answer and provide solutions to the problems of their target customers.

You will be seen as an industry leader if you are consistent in creating, and publishing high-quality valuable content for your target customers.

It is not enough to just be writing blog posts, you need to write blog posts that will solve the problems your target customers are going through.

Your blog posts should not be about your business, it should be about how to solve various issues your target customers are going through.

The only way you can prove to be an expert in your business industry is to provide solutions to the problems your target customers are facing.

That way they will trust you, and have the confidence to purchase your products or services.

Establishing authority through your website blog post is a powerful tactic that will increase your website sales and conversions.

When your website is an authoritative website, you tend to be the first option for online users if they want to make a purchase.

6. Blogging helps with link building.

Link building is important for the visibility of a website. There are two types of website links, first one is inbound links, while the second one is backlinks.

Inbound links involve the linking of different web pages that are on the same website, while outbound links are links that are earned from third-party websites.

To be able to earn the top spot of the world's largest search engine (Google), you need to be profound in your website's inbound, and outbound link-building strategy.

Google pays a lot of attention to link building, and it is part of its ranking factor that determines if a website will be visible on its result page or not.

After you have created and published multiple blog posts, you can link them together so that it will be easier for your target customers, and search engines to know about other content that is on your website.

To earn backlinks from third-party websites you will need to create valuable content that will be valuable to both your target customers, and other companies that are in the same industry as you, or industries that are related to your business.

When you earn backlinks from authoritative websites, it is a signal to Google that your website is trustworthy, and credible because the backlink serves as a vote of confidence that your website is beneficial to online users.

Backlinks also help you to build your website domain authority, which will help to improve your website's overall discoverability and also help to improve your website credibility.

7. Blogging can also be used to share company information.

One major reason why many companies love blogging is that it provides them with an opportunity to share news, information, and stories that are related to their company.

Apart from using your blog page to provide solutions to your target customer’s problems, you can also use your blog page to create information about your business, and the various products or services it offers.

For example, if you own a law website, apart from publishing blog posts about law challenges that your target customers are going through, you can also publish content about your firm's information.

You can publish a blog post about the new attorney that joined your law firm.

You can publish a blog post about the criminal case you just won in court.

Use your blog posts to present interesting case studies on how your business can help your target customers.

Even if you are holding a webinar, apart from running paid ads, you can also announce it through your website blog post.

Sharing your company information on your website blog page will humanize your brand, and also help your target customers to feel among the family.

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