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Importance of Content Creation

importance of content creation

Marketing shouldn’t be about getting quick results, you should have it at the back of your mind that marketing takes time.

Although there are some tactics that can be used to generate a return on investment in short term, but achieving long-lasting results requires lots of time and resources.

Anything that comes quickly goes away fast, this is the reason why you should try a long-lasting strategy that will work for you for a long period of time.

Content creation is one of the marketing strategies you can leverage to grow your business sales.

Every business owners want growth and increased revenue because business growth is a sign of success.

Getting business growth is not an easy task as it takes a lot of work and effort.

You need to take the necessary steps that are required to make an impact on your potential audience so they can keep coming back again.

Content creation on your business website is the superpower that you have. Most businesses in today’s world are online.

Almost every business wants to have an e-commerce store even traditional brick-and-mortar stores are taking advantage and cashing in on the e-commerce boom.

Your business website content has to be crafted with unique content to reach your potential audience with the right information for them to become a loyal customer.

It is a fact that if your potential audience can’t find the right content on your website, they will move to your competitors that have an answer to what they need through content.

Invest in your business content creation and see your business growth increase.

Below are four reasons you need to start generating content on your own business website as soon as you can: 

Four Importance of Content Creation

1. Consistent Publish of Content Will Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

People hype social media too much these days, and a lot of people are not talking about the search engine anymore, but that is really wrong. Search engine drives huge traffic the same way social media does.

Once your website has started getting traffic, you can leverage it after that.

Your content can generate backlinks to your website from other websites on the inside. 

The more links that come to your website from external websites the better the search engine trust your business.

How can other websites link to your website? Some marketing professionals might persuade you to buy links from other businesses websites.

The best method which was recommended by Google is that you should “Produce original, unique and quality content that people will love and will want to link to”.

2. Improving Your Engagement on Social Media

Let’s take a look at the meaning of social media. The “media” part of social media is obvious, but what about the “Social” part? Are you engaging with your customers as you do in your offline marketing?

Creating content that people will like to interact with and share with their social media friends can help your business grow positively.

Video content is the best content to distribute on social media channels because people engage more with video content than ordinary text.

The idea behind the creation of the Facebook “Like” button is to give people the ability to express appreciation for content that is created on the platform.

Most brands ruined this by begging for likes because they haven’t created educational or relevant content that will make people want to press the “Like” button or share their content.

As a business owner instead of pleading for people to follow you on your social media channels, give them a reason to follow and the best way you can do that is to fill your social media feed with unique and quality content.

If you fill your business social media channel with quality and unique content your followers will increase.

3. Content Creation Will Help You Acquire Lead Easily.

Whether you are running paid ads to acquire customers or you are using another method, content creation makes the whole process easier to do, It is a straightforward thing. 

For example, if you come across an ad from a company you have never heard of, you are not likely to click and even if you do, it will be a cold click, and converting you to a paying customer will be quite a challenge.

If however, after seeing their ad and you know the company.

Maybe you have read their post before or you listen to their podcast regularly, or you follow them on their social media channels, the chances of engaging you then become higher because they have created content that elevates their business.

4. Content Creation Will Earn You the Trust of Your Customers.

Consistent content creation and distribution across multiple online platforms will improve your business development and growth.

Content creation also helps with business development.

Imagine going out to dinner with a potential customer and the person sits across from you with a look on his face that says, "What are you selling this time?"

Now relate it with the look on his face that says, "I love your content.

You are absolutely an expert in your field, and I want to work with an expert. So how do we get started?"

That is the difference between cold business development and warm business development.

That's the difference between a company that produces valuable industry content that solves its target customer's problem and a company that only focuses on promoting itself while neglecting the need of its customers.  

How Does Content Creation Boost Business Growth?

The content that you create for your business is heavily tied to its growth.

Like every other marketing strategy, creating well-planned, well-executed content that engages with your potential audience and builds a high level of trust between you will positively affect your business sales.

To get the best result on your content creation strategy, you will need to know about the kinds of content that your audience loves to consume and how they love to consume it.

There are various SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc., that make it easy for you to conduct keyword research on the search queries that your potential customers are using to search for the services or products that you sell.

Content has evolved from written, text-based content that was popular in the 20th century to audio and video content that is popular today.

Podcasting has also exploded in popularity over the past years.

Today, we have more than 750,000 active podcasts at the moment and anything from audio news to business advice is keeping people busy.

Today, we are watching more videos than ever before, more than 85% of internet users worldwide watch video content monthly, and 60% of netizens will like to see video content from the businesses they want to purchase from.

Can you really make a profit from video marketing or can video marketing really equal business growth?

Well, 90% of digital marketing professionals were happy with the positive result of their video marketing projects, so this is supposed to be a yes. “Yes,” video content creation equals business growth.

It is not enough to only have your content on your business website. Your content strategy should include your business's social media channels.

Your social media channels are another powerful tool you can leverage for your business growth and the content you distribute on your social media channels reaches your social media followers in a more direct way.

If done the right way, your social media content can help you create business evangelists out of your customers.

Your happy customers will talk about you on social media channels the same way un-satisfied customers will do too.

What Makes a Good Content?

Nobody can define what good content is because there are lots of factors to be considered when making content.

Factors that can include the type of business that you do, or what type of content your customers really love to consume.

Nevertheless, there are various things you should keep in mind if you want to create content for your business.

1. It’s authoritative

As a business owner, you have a goal to be called a thought leader in your business industry.

Knowing your potential audience's pain point is the key to creating authoritative content that educates and engages them.

Your audience needs to be convinced by your content and that you know what you are doing before they will trust you enough to buy from you.

2. Consistency

Consistency in the content that you create for your business is essential for your business growth.

If you are creating content for your business website thrice a week, commit yourself to keeping it up. Your customers will value your consistency.

They don’t have to put effort into discovering new content as you are already doing it and you deliver it on time.

Your business voice should be consistent too, you should do research about your brand buyer’s persona and you need to make sure that you speak with your brand voice throughout all your brand content and communications strategy.

3. Search Engines Loves Content

Before your content can work like magic on your website, all of your business website content will have to be optimized for search engines.

Search engine loves unique, relevant, and educational content. 

If your website content is original the search engine will favor you over your competitors.

4. It’s relevant

You have to make sure that the contents that you create on your website are relevant to what your customers are looking for.

You should create content that tends to solve the problems that your potential audience is having. 

Target the relevant keywords that you think your potential audience will ask the search engine when deciding to make a buying decision.

Don’t be caught up in trying to chase search traffic from un-relevant keywords query that does not resonate with your business.

Your content has to be relevant to your business and it must also be valuable to your audience.

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