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3 Organic Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

increase your website traffic

If your plan is to increase your website traffic or to get more leads you will first have to build a system that will bring more traffic to your website.

Your website visitors can’t be convinced to take the desired action unless they are on your website already.

However, with the tons of online websites that are competing for visitors’ ever-shrinking attention.

Getting people to visit your website can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Yet, it is not an impossible task.

All you need to do is to know the right strategy that will catch people’s attention and increase your website traffic.

I want to show you the three organic ways you can increase your website traffic.

Before I begin, I want you to know that web traffics are not the same. Read along you will understand what I am saying better.

Think about it very well, before you use any strategy to increase your website traffic, you first have to think about the kind of traffic that you needed.

If you are really interested in getting higher website traffic that will lead to higher conversion for your business then you need high-quality and targeted traffic.

Having 500 targeted visitors will be better for your website conversion than having 5000 random visitors.

The targeted visitors are people that are already interested in what you are offering, this means that there are higher chances of converting them into paying customers.

As a result of this, you will be able to benefit from a higher return on investment (ROI), otherwise, even if 5000 random visitors visit your website it won’t really matter as they are not people who are interested in what your business offers.

Random visitors don’t add any meaningful effects to your business goal.

Aside from this, there are also various channels to generate traffic from, such as social media traffic, email traffic, direct traffic (SEO), referral traffic, Digital PR E.t.c

The source of traffic that will be beneficial to your business will depend on your business model and industry.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic?

Now that you are aware of the kind of traffic your business need, the question now should be:

How do you drive the needed traffic to your website?

Below are few ideas I think will make a huge positive impact on your business website traffic.

1. Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the best method you can use to drive organic traffic to your business website.

It’s an effective marketing strategy that is used to improve website ranking on the SERPs and to maintain a steady income of organic visitors to your website.

With the present increased rate of internet users, SEO has become a mandatory method of getting organic and targeted website traffic.

The internet is full of educational and useful information as well as non-educational misinformation that can make it hard for you to get traffic to your website.

This means that you need to be an authority in what you do to rise above all other noises and this can come when you have the trust of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

Getting the search engine trust would not happen overnight, it will take your website some time to build trust with the search engine to become an authority.

Once this trust issue is resolved, you will enjoy the joy of increased traffic to your website, which you can take advantage of.

Below are SEO strategies that can be employed

i. Choose The Right Topics Your Visitors Are Interested In

Choosing the right topic in which your potential audiences are interested is the first fundamental rule of a good SEO strategy.

Many businesses tend to make the mistake of focusing on topics and content that they themselves are interested in or what they want others to see rather than for them to focus on the topics and content that their target audience will be interested in.

This takes us back to the basics of how you need targeted traffic on your website instead of random traffic with no benefit.

If your targeted audience is interested in the content your business is putting out then you are closer to achieving success.

They already have an interest in your content topic and, therefore, they won’t hesitate to pay your website a visit for potential solutions to their problems.

Once your potential audience is on your website, it will be easier to turn them into paying customers if you have proven yourself as the best option to solve their problem.

ii. Target the Right Keywords

Doing keyword research before writing content and using the right keyword phrases is another fundamental part of a good SEO strategy.

Every business wants to rank on the Search engine result pages (SERPs) for their business-related keyword, so they will have to use it in their content, URLs, and Meta description to ensure their website becomes visible to targeted customers when they search for that keyword.

The question now is: How do you drive traffic to your website with all the competition in your keywords?

The answer is short and direct: “Use the right Keywords”.

The right keywords are mostly long-tail keywords.

Long-tail Keywords are longer phrases of query that internet users enter in the search engine when they are searching for a particular product or when they have a problem they want to solve.

For example; on the search engine users can search for “How to increase website traffic through Google” instead of just searching “Website Traffic”.

Long-tail keywords are excellent and powerful SEO tactics used in getting website traffic.

30% of search engine searches consist of long-tail keywords, and these keywords usually have an average conversion rate of 50%.

If you positively and effectively utilize your long-tail keywords you will benefit a lot from them.

There are tools you can use to search for the top-performing long-tail keywords with huge traffic and low completion.

Tools like SEMrush, Ubbersuggest, MOZ, etc. You can also make use of chrome extension tools like Keywordseverywhere.

 iii. Build a Good Landing Page

After visitors have started coming to your website, the next thing you will want to do is to make them stay and you can only do this by impressing them with good content and an excellent website layout which can persuade them to become paying customers.

For this reason, what you will need is a great landing page.

Many businesses have lost a huge amount of revenue by directing their customers to their website homepage which doesn’t give them enough reason to become paying customers.

A well-design and excellent SEO-optimized landing page will do wonders in generating traffic, leads, and conversions for your website.

 The more SEO-optimized landing page that is created, the more visitors that visit them will be willing to pay for your service.

Your landing page must have a smooth flow and must be easy to navigate to ensure visitors stay longer and continue to consume the valuable information that is on the landing page.

You should follow up your content with a Call-to-action (CTA) button so that they will know the next action to take.

Businesses with 15 to 20 landing pages experience 65% more conversions as compared to businesses that don’t have any or have fewer than 15 landing pages.

iv. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

70% of the daily online searches on the web are now done on a mobile phone.

In fact, most online transactions these days are done on the phone.

The number of smartphone users in the world today is around 3.8 billion, not making your business website mobile-friendly will be a big mistake on your part and you would be losing huge amounts of money.

A mobile-friendly website also has a huge potential of becoming visible to your potential audience on the search engine compared to a website that is not mobile-friendly.

Websites that are not compatible with smartphones are not ranked by google, and there are also chances that a non-mobile-friendly website will never become visible to your potential audience.

That means no customer traffic for you from the search engine.

Your website should be mobile friendly doesn’t mean it has to open on all smartphones.

What it means is that the content on your website has to be easily accessible through mobile phones.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way of increasing your business website traffic.

It is also an SEO strategy that seeks to bring traffic to your website from another business website.

Guest blogging is helpful to businesses that are not popular yet or businesses that just started their online marketing.

When you publish an educational blog post on other popular websites you will include a link that will refer people to your own website from the blog you publish.

Guest blogging helps your website get backlinks which will make your website become trustworthy in the search engine, resulting to increase in your website visibility which will also result to more organic website traffic.

But all this will work if your guest blogging strategy is done the right way.

Your first step should be to choose the right platforms within the same industry or platforms that are affiliated with your industry. 

After that, you should come up with great and educational content that resonates with the audience on the website you want to guest blog.

3. Utilize Various Social Media Channels

Social media traffic is another traffic source that can never be neglected.

If used effectively, social media can bring huge traffic to your website. 

Many businesses used social media as a tool to drive customers to their websites.

Almost everybody in the world has one social media account or the other, not using any as a tool to bring potential audience to your website will let you lose a lot of website traffic.

Social media channels have millions of active users per day which you can take advantage of and direct them to your website with the right social media strategy.

You can use social media to drive traffic if you are finding it difficult to drive to your website from other sources.

Below are lists of social media with daily millions of users that you can take advantage of to drive traffic to your website.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok

Social media allow you to drive traffic to your website in an organic and also paid method.

Moreover, unlike other website traffic strategies, you will have to wait for people to come to you, with social media you will be able to meet your potential audience where they mostly use their time and promote your website directly to them.

You need to be consistent in your social media posting.

You can repurpose old content to post on your social media channels, take some content out of your blog posts or come up with new content.

Social media channel like Facebook has a smart algorithm that makes them personalize content for their users.

What this means is that if a user is interested in the product or service or they actively follows content that is similar to your own, Facebook will push your content to their feed to make you visible.

Take Away

If you are a business owner that newly launched a website, you will want to quickly grow your website traffic so that your business can make more sales and grow.

However, the truth is that building website traffic through the organic method that will last long takes time unless you are willing to run a paid ad.

Paid ad brings traffic to your website as long as you are funding it, the moment you stop funding your ad your website traffic will stop.

If you really want to generate website traffic that will last increase your business sales and ROI then you have to stick With SEO.

There is no shortcut to this. SEO is the only strategy that will drive traffic to your website from your targeted audience who are actively looking for how you can solve their problem.

You will have to build a perfect SEO strategy and follow the best SEO practice, stay consistent with your content, and mix your strategies up to give your website authority in the search engine and attract passive, organic traffic to your website in the long run.

Increasing your website traffic is really important for your business because it is the only thing that guarantees success for your business.

10 website visitors a day equals to 10 opportunities to sell.

1,000 website visitors a day equals to 1000 opportunities to sell.

10,000 website visitors a day equals to 10,000 opportunities to sell.

Only SEO can bring you this much potential audience and also keep them coming back.

Odebiyi Oladipupo

My name is Odebiyi Lateef Oladipupo, I am an SEO Expert with 5+ years of marketing experience in developing, and executing performance-based online marketing strategies that will enable small and medium-sized businesses to improve their website organic traffic, conversion rate, drive more qualified leads, and improve their return-on-investment (ROI) on their marketing investments.

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