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The 6 Best Keywords Tracking Tools For SEO

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Are you in need of the best SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)  rank tracker tool for your business website keyword tracking?

Do you really need it so you can take advantage of it to increase your website page ranking?

The job of a search engine result page (SERP) tracking tool is to help you track your business website ranking position for some specific keywords on the search engine.

It shows you your website keyword's position on SERPs and allows you to compare them with that of your competitors.

In this article, I want to share with you the best SERPs rank tracking tools for keyword tracking.

Do You Really Need a SERPs Keyword Tracking Tool?

With the right SERPs keyword tracking tool, you can keep your business website search engine optimization (SEO) strategy on the right track.

You will be able to monitor keyword rankings for different pages on your website to see which keyword is ranking high or low.

If your keyword rankings are soaring, and your website organic traffic is increasing then it clearly shows that the efforts you put into your SEO campaign are working fine.

Furthermore, if you are using a keyword tracking tool for a website SEO campaign; it will notify you immediately when your keyword rankings on the SERPs drop.

This gives you the advantage of quickly fixing up the issue, so you won’t lose any of your business sales revenue.

Another benefit keyword ranking tools give you is to monitor your competitors closely, it let you see which keyword query they are ranking for.

After all these details to let you know what a keyword tracking tool is and why you might need it to scale up your website traffic, let’s take a look at the best keyword racking tools that you can make use of to grow your website traffic.

1. SEMRush

SEMrush could be considered to be the best SERPs rank tracking tool for monitoring your website keyword rankings.

It is a complete SEO toolkit that is preferred by many businesses, SEO experts, and digital marketing professionals.

This is the tool I use for my website and my client's website.

With the help of SEMRush position tracking feature, I was able to track and monitor the movement of my client’s site keyword rankings.

SEMrush also shows the search terms that are in the SERPs features like the featured snippets, Google site links, or knowledge panel.

The tool gives you the whole view of your keywords rankings by showing you the number of search terms that are in the top 3, 10, 20, and 100.

You will be able to see your ranking distributions over time.  

Another important feature of SEMrush is that it allows you to also track your competitor's keywords so you do better than your competitors and rank higher than them for competitive keywords.

 SEMrush gives you the opportunity to add up to 10 of your competitor's URLs and you can track their search engine performance.

Additionally, SEMrush toolkit allows you to also perform keyword research, look for backlink opportunities, conduct a detailed competitor analysis and research, find paid keywords, track your business social media performance, and check your website for plagiarized content.

It also allows you to monetize your website, track keywords of different countries, and many more.

If you will like to take advantage of this tool for your business SEO campaign then the pricing details are as follows;

Pricing: SEMrush has a free 30-day trial. While the Paid plans start from $99.95 per month for the annual plan, while the monthly price goes for $119.95 per month.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another comprehensive and excellent rank tracker tool that is similar to SEMRush.

It is also a comprehensive SEO and digital marketing platform.

With the help of ahrefs Rank Tracker feature, you will be able to add your business website or connect your website Google Search Console account with Ahrefs to import projects.

Next, you will add the keywords queries you want to track to your Ahrefs dashboard.

Ahrefs shows you a run-through of your search engine rankings.

You will be able to see your website visibility percentage, average position, traffic, SERP features, and changes in position.

For each keyword query, you will be able to see their current position on the SERPs, you will see the search volume of the keyword query, the total traffic they are getting, the keyword difficulty, and if the keyword is in a SERPs feature ahrefs rank tracker feature.

It gives you the advantage to add up to 10 competitors in the Ahrefs rank tracker tool so you can be able to compare the result with your own website.

You might want to get a more in-depth competitor analysis, you can subscribe to its other features to take full advantage.

For example, you can put in your website or competitor's website URL in the ahrefs website explorer feature and search for the number of backlinks it has; organic keywords, and identify content gaps.

Ahrefs can also be used for conducting a site audit, exploring a website, exploring keywords, tracking your rank, exploring content so you can perform better, and many more.

Will you like to take advantage of this tool?

Pricing: Ahrefs prices start from $99 per month, or you can start a 7days trial for $7

3. Monsterinsights

Unlike other rank tracking tools; Monsterinsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress websites.

It allows easy Google analytics set up in any WordPress website and it enables you to easily view the necessary data you needed right in your WordPress dashboard.

Monsterinsights can be used by non-techy people as it allows you to monitor your website keyword rankings inside your WordPress admin area.

You will be able to view your Google search console report to see your website's top 50 search terms and where your website pages rank for them.

Monsterinsights also show you the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and the average position of each keyword on your website pages.

These overall details will help you to optimize your website and boost its ranking.

For example, if you have content on your website page that ranks for the 14th or 15th position on the second page of the SERPs, you can optimize the content to increase its ranking to the first page of SERPs.

Pricing: MonsterInsights Search Console report is available in its Plus plan, which costs $99.50 per year.

4. SERPWatcher By Mangools

SERPWatcher by Mangools is one of the most powerful SEO toolkits that allow you to easily track SERP for your business website.

They give you access to their SERPChecker, Link Miner, Keyword Query Finder, and website profiler tools.

These features make SERPWatcher by Mangools a good alternative to some overpriced SEO platforms.

It is also a user-friendly tool that makes you get started in just a few minutes.

You can do this by simply adding your website, selecting a location you will like to track, selecting the platform you will want to rank in (Desktop SERPs or Mobile SERPs), and then you can enter your keywords query.

SERPWatcher provides you with a detailed visual report, you will a detailed picture of how your business website is performing in the Google SERPs.

It will also show you each keyword’s ranking of your site pages, change in SERP positions, average SERP position, best position, SERP search volume and an estimated number of visitors that visit your website per month.

Furthermore, you will also be able to view your website performance index, estimated visits, keywords distribution, and position flow.

SERPWatcher sends you daily alerts of your website ranking updates through emails alert.

This is to make sure that you are able to stay on top and be aware of any changes that might occur in the Google SERPs so you can act quickly and not lose your keyword ranking position.

Pricing: SERPWatcher by mangools have a 10days free trial and their mangool basic plan price starts from $29.90 per month.

5. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another excellent tool you can use to monitor your website keyword ranking on the SERPs.

It is an easy tool to use and it helps to keep your business SEO strategy on track.

With its keyword rank tracker feature, you will be able to monitor your website’s search terms on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Youtube.

It also allows you to track keywords query based on geographical locations and smart devices.

To start using SE rankings you can make use of its wizard by entering your website URL, adding the relevant keywords query you will like to track, and specifying the search engine you want to track.

It also lets you track up to 5 of your industry competitors and connect the tool to your google analytics and google search console accounts.

After your website and keywords have been added to SE Ranking’s tool, you will be able to monitor your website rankings from the dashboard, view historical data, track your industry competitors, and a whole lot more.

Apart from tracking your search terms, you can make use of SE Rankings to analyze your website traffic, measure your SEO campaign potential, create a real-time marketing plan, conduct a website audit, monitor your website backlinks, and B2B features like lead generation and a lot more.

Pricing: SE Rankings have 14 days of free trials with no credit card required while the essential price starts from $31 per month for tracking 250 keywords.

6. Serpstat

SERPStat is the last rank racking tool that I have on my list and this tool is an all-in-one SEO solution.

The tool can be used to analyze your business website, conduct keyword query research, find your website backlinks, and monitor keywords.

SERPStat offers you a clean and friendly dashboard where you can take control of all your settings and perform different actions.

You will need to go to the rank tracker option to track your search term rankings.

After that, you will create a new project and put in your website details, select your search engine options and add the keywords you will like to monitor.

This tool also lets you view the changes in the position of your search terms and compare them with your competitor’s keyword ranking in the search term.

You can also group your keywords, and do much more from your dashboard.

Compared to other rank tracking tools I have listed in this article, SERPStat offers you more visual reports and an intuitive dashboard.

The tool gives you a graph and chart that will give you a bird eye view of your reports which you can further analyze in-depth.

However, the tool is not the most beginner-friendly tool among the rank tracking tool I wrote about in this article.

It can take you some time before you get used to its interface and its options navigation.

Pricing: Serpstat does not have a free plan nor does it offers a free trial. Its paid prices start from $69 per month for lite.

Which SEO Rank Tracker Tool is the Best? (Expert Pick)

According to my experience and according to the experience of other great SEO professionals in the marketing field.

We all believe that SEMRush is the best SERPs rank tracker tool in the market today.

SEMRush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that is user-friendly, easily tracks keywords, and offers lots of SEO features.

As I said earlier, it is a trusted tool used by many digital marketing professionals, and it can be used to find keywords, and backlinks, analyze your industry competitors, monitor your business social media strategy, track your paid marketing ad campaigns, monetize your website and much more.

I also make use of SEMRush for keyword tracking for my website and client websites.

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