The covid-19 pandemic makes it harder for people to build and create new businesses because of how hard it is to communicate with people physically. With fewer options on the ground to meet with your customers and business clients, you have to focus on how you communicate and consistently reach people in a new method that will align with the new normal.

More than ever, business owners are now relying heavily on digital marketing strategies to promote their business, but a vast majority of them don’t know how to optimize their digital platforms to meet their target customer’s needs. If you are not familiar with how online marketing works it will be difficult for you to create a digital marketing strategy that will align with your business goals during this ongoing pandemic.

Today, I want to talk about some of the ways you leverage digital marketing to help your business communicate effectively to your customers.

Five (5) Ways You Can Optimize Your Marketing In This Pandemic

marketing in pandemic

1. Optimize your digital footprint. 

The online appearance that you give your business will be referred to as a “digital footprint”. It is the collection of all the online platforms your business is listed which includes your official website, social media channels, and directory listings such as the google local SEO listing (Google My Business Profile)

The search engine algorithms gather all this information together to make it easier for your customers to locate your business online, which is the main reason why you need to make sure that all the online platforms your business has presence must be properly optimized and they should also reflect up to date information of your business.

Take Away:

You need to make a list of all the online platforms your business has a presence on, and set a reminder to check and update them regularly (Once in a month is okay). You should also try to google search your own business in an “incognito window” to get the information on how your customers are finding you and what words they see when they find you.

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2. Be consistent in direct communication.

During the covid-19 pandemic, there is an increase in direct online communication between businesses and their customers. The majority of businesses resort to the use of email marketing to communicate with their customers and the customers have been positively responding to their emails.

You need to take time to do some changes to your business contacts and set aside some time to directly reach out to your top contacts via phone call or direct email marketing.

Key Take Away: Calling your customers when they are not expecting your calls during this pandemic and trying to sell them your business services or products without any context around their present situation is called cold calling and not every one of them will be happy with it.

You should try to keep in touch with them, providing them with valuable resources, the sales will naturally come.

3. You need to be consistent with your customers. 

With the present challenges in business consistency, for your business to move forward in this pandemic you have to stay consistently in touch with your existing and target customers.

Physical business networking and conference events went virtual for a few periods of time after that they meet in person. Because of safety, they decided to go back to virtual events. Staying consistent with your customers in this pandemic is hard, but you need to be consistent by adopting digital communication to reach out to your current customers, and your strategic business partners.

Now more than ever, you need to focus on using email marketing to engage with your existing customers, you should be sending at least one email message a week to your existing customers about your business and why they should buy from you.

You need to keep your customers abreast of what is going on in your business and showcase your expertise on how you can help them.

Key Take Away: Create an email marketing strategy to engage, not to sell. Sending constant emails with discounts and sales pitches can alienate your audience. Sending Emails with value-added content will increase your sales.

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4. Show your customer empathy. 

Along with providing consistent communication for your business, your empathetic side needs to reflect in your business contents. You can’t refrain from selling your services or products completely especially in the first three to four months after covid-19 pandemic struck the world. It is an uncomfortable experience to call people and ask them if they are interested in buying your product right away. The world is having a hard time dealing with the pandemic, so you need to put empathy into your business.

You should ask about their well-being, what is their pain point? And how can you help solve their problems? Your message needs to show that you understand and also feel their pain and your marketing behavior should back that up.

Key Take Away: Check on your existing customers and ask about their challenges and how you can be of help to them, even if what they want is not what you can offer them. This can also let you sit back to evaluate if you need to change your services or products to meet the current market demands.

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5. Recognize what your customers expect.

In our present digital age, part of your customer expectation is to be able to find information about your business on the internet. They want to know if you are still open for business? how your product will help them? Are you offering discounts or doing anything new that will help them during this pandemic? Your business working hours?

You need to keep posting on your social media channels, you need to also update your business website and you also need to be available through your business line or online chat so that your customers will want to buy from you through your consistency in your business marketing activities.

Inconsistency in your business marketing campaign will lead to your customers doubting your business legitimacy. Your customer expectation is to get clear answers from your business information online. Your online consistency will make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Key Take Away: you should make use of a pinned post on your social media channels to answer the most frequent questions asked by your customers. You should also try your best to answer direct messages as quickly as possible, even if all you wanted to do is to acknowledge that you have received their messages and you will get back to them on their challenges.

The realization of your struggling customers and how you show up to help them solve their challenges is an important key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. You can help your customers solve their challenges by being consistent with your business communication and showing empathy as you communicate with them.

Many of us are really finding things difficult now, and your customers also have other important things to do.

Relying on and Optimizing your digital marketing campaign with empathetic, educational, and informative communication will make it easier for people to find you online and trust you enough to purchase from you.