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6 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketer For Your Lead Campaign

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As a business owner, you may already be thinking of investing in lead generation campaign initiatives to grow your business sales, increase your bottom line.

It is something you can do if you have the necessary know-how knowledge, and experience.

Unfortunately, it is a different case founders of most businesses and marketing professionals.

If you are a business owner, you will want to agree with me that the one area of digital marketing where expertise is majorly valued is lead generation.

Let’s go deeper, but first, let us define what lead generation is for those that are just hearing about it for the first time.

Understanding Lead Generation?

Any type of online users that shows interest in your business products or the services that you rendered is qualified to be called a “Lead”.

The trick is for you to realize that anybody can be a lead for your business because everyone has their own unique needs and what they like about a business.

The marketing mistake that negatively affects most businesses is marketing to everyone instead of them to focus on their target customers who are most interested in what they sell.

Having this in your mind, you need to understand that lead generation is the inbound marketing process of attracting your target customers and converting them into paying customers.

Today, many businesses with an online presence have various online strategies they use for their lead campaign. Such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Website landing pages
  • Social media marketing
  • Networking
  • Free Trial
  • PDF Downloads
  • Live events and seminars/webinars

Meanwhile, the strategies I listed above are few among the numerous lead strategies that you can use to attract your target customers to your business.

Most businesses will likely stick to the lead generation strategy that delivers the best result because your lead generation strategy will also depend on your business industry.

Why You Need a Digital Marketer For your Lead Campaign

A targeted lead campaign will make a huge positive difference to the growth of your business, but you need to properly execute them before they can favour your business.

Let's talk about the reason why you need a digital marketer to help your business acquire qualified leads from your lead campaign so that you can get the sales you needed for your business to move forward

1. A digital marketer will help you acquire leads that will Increase your sales.

For you to improve your business growth you will first have to start with the creation of an informed marketing campaign strategy.

A seasoned digital marketer has the expertise and knowledge to evaluate your present lead generation campaign.

If you have any and point out the necessary changes they are needed to make your lead generation campaign a success.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have any ongoing lead campaign then he will have to create a lead campaign from the scratch on how your business can attract the right customers that are interested in buying from you.

Planning both short and long-term lead generation goals will help your business to constantly attract new leads. 

While you measure your lead campaign performance across your business sales funnel with digital tools like Hubspot.

This will give you insight into the necessary adjustment that is needed to make your lead campaign a success.

Before you start any lead campaign the first necessary thing for you to do is website optimization.

Your website optimization is the foundation and the root of your business growth.

You need to start from the foundation to make a success and since your business website is the main source for driving your marketing traffic, you need to make sure it is functioning excellently.

Your website must not have any loading errors, slow speed, and poor user experience or else it will drive your target customers away from you instead of attracting them to you.

You can use a powerful tool like screamingfrog to scan your website for any errors.

2. When You Hire a Digital Marketer To Generate Leads, You Can Focus on Other Important Aspects of Your Business

You can’t take care of your lead campaign on your own, it is an impossible task if you have other important projects to work on.

As a business owner, time is an important asset and it should be spent on the necessary task that requires your expertise.

As a founder, you will likely hire an accountant for your business bookkeeping and to take control of taxes because this isn’t an area you specialize in.

Similarly, you are supposed to hire a digital marketing professional to handle your business lead generation strategy.

A lot of people see marketing as an easy thing to do no matter who they are or the experience they have in the field but the reality is that the right marketing that delivers positive result need a lot of specialized skill and this same thing applies to lead generation campaign. 

A good example of this is the keywords aspect

Keywords are necessary and important in helping the visibility of your website in the search engine result pages.

Keywords optimization is what makes your website become visible to your target customers, and a lot of time, research, and effort is put into play to maximize results.

It also takes some experimentation, trial, and error to properly optimize your website content in the best way to achieve the desired result.

Hiring a digital marketing professional to charge of your business lead generation efforts excellently just like you would hire an accountant to take care of your business taxes, is essential to get the right job done.

3. A digital marketer has the strength and expertise.

Just like how you have strength and expertise in your chosen career, a digital marketer has expertise in lead generation marketing campaigns.

A digital marketer will be able to take on several projects based on the lead marketing strategy that was created for your business. 

A big thanks to the combination of on-demand expertise and various digital marketing tools.

A digital marketer has the required skill and know-how knowledge on how to organize and execute a lead generation campaign across multiple online platforms.

4. A digital marketer will acquire qualified inbound leads to increase your revenue.

A digital marketer knows the exact tactics to use for inbound leads and lead nurturing.

Online customers journey is often longer than just a quick website visit, which makes remarketing one of the essential lead generation strategies that a marketing professional can use to cross-sell products and increase sales profit and revenue.

Remarketing is the process of reconnecting with your website visitors, who have previously shown interest in your business.

In essence, remarketing is the online marketing strategy of serving ads to people who visited your website.

This marketing tactic allows you to show ads to your target customers on most online platforms they visit after visiting your website.

Remarketing as well as other marketing strategies is what helps a digital marketing professional work in strengthening your business's credibility, trust, and authenticity.

As your business sales pipeline is filled with qualified leads from your target customers, they will nurture your business customer journey through content marketing and marketing automation.

5. A digital marketer will Optimize your website conversion rates.

If a professional digital marketer handles your business you will see a massive return on your lead generation investment.

He/she will help you to cut out any wasteful effort that will affect your business.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of enhancing your website performance to improve your lead conversion rate.

The goal of conversion rate optimization is to get the highest possible percentage of target customers to complete a transaction.

This can be achieved through numerous strategies, including the conduct of proper keyword research, optimizing landing pages, testing multiple Ads (A/B testing) Etc.

6. A digital marketer will grow your sales pipeline.

A seasoned digital marketing professional is your key to exciting new business growth.

Be it website optimization, search engine optimization, landing page, or paid advertisement, a marketing professional is bound to have the right solution for your business and make it unique and stand out among competitors.

No matter how beautifully designed your website is, it can’t generate consistent leads for your business without first becoming visible to your potential customers.

That is the reason why a lead magnet is needed for your business.

A lead magnet is a piece of content that can be viewed in exchange for your customer’s personal information.

Once they have given you their personal information, automatically they have become a qualified lead; they have shown interest in learning more about what you offer them.

A seasoned digital marketer will be able to craft lead magnet content for your target customers at every level of your business marketing funnel and attract them to the end of the funnel to finally make a purchase.

A skilled marketer can also help you to manage your business's steady improvement based on your goals.

You will see an increase in your website traffic from your target customer leads, and an increase in your customer acquisition which you can’t do without having the required experience and know-how expertise.

Start Your Lead Campaign

Now that you have already understood the deep value of hiring a digital marketing professional.

You should try to hire a marketing professional for a ground-breaking lead generation campaign.

Are you still interested in knowing more about lead generation that can help your business sales positively?

Book a 30 minutes strategy session with me and get the answers that will help your business.

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