The conversation that will hold in this meeting is to understand your needs and requirement and for me to be able to decide if you can benefit optimally from my service?

This conversation will be approximately 30 minutes.

This is when I can really begin working to figure out exactly what you want and discuss how i can help you achieve your goal. I will also discuss my fees, and deliverables.

Bear in mind that if i don’t believe my digital marketing plan will make a significant uptick in your revenue in the next 6 months, or 1 year i won’t take you on as a client.

If you can benefit optimally from my service we are a good fit then, we will discuss how we can get started.

I am always excited to work with companies with good products or services and good reputation of happy customers.

 As you would imagine, i receive on average over 10 meeting request daily and there is only 8 working hours a day.

So the initial video conversation is very important in deciding if I can drive you result or not. Otherwise, both of us might waste our time and neither of us will be happy.

 If you insist on the meeting then I am happy and excited to have a video conversation with you.

Let's Talk Business