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How to Use SEO For Your Business Lead Generation Campaign

lead generation campaign

SEO is the process of optimizing different aspects of your website including content to become visible to your target customers in the search engine.

If your website is properly optimized it will show up in the search engines when your target customers search for keywords that are related to your business.

A well-executed SEO strategy works perfectly fine for a lead generation campaign because the more often your website is visible to your target customers on the search engine, the more you can convert them into leads.

SEO is the best budget-friendly method of increasing your business client base, increasing sales and revenue, which will keep your business thriving and growing.

When you implement a long-term SEO strategy for your business, you will be able to generate leads because you are visible to your target customers at the right time they needed your service.

Let’s take for example you are into selling project management software that makes it easy for people to handle their projects.

Your target customers will likely be project managers who will want to have ease in doing their projects, but how can you reach your target customers?

Having a website is not enough for your target customers to start seeing you.

In order for you to get leads, you will have to implement a sound SEO strategy. 

By doing this, you will be able to target your most qualified leads, which are project managers or project officers by using target keywords in your web content.

As stated earlier, SEO is a budget-friendly marketing strategy that let you increase your rank and visibility in the search engines, which will give your business more exposure, more website visit, more click-through-rate and eventually more sales.

SEO generates leads for your business by ensuring that your website is visible to your target customers in search engines.

You Can Start Your SEO Lead Generation Campaign by Asking Some of These Questions.

Before you start generating leads with SEO campaign, you will need to ask yourself some specific questions.

1. Who are your target customers that form your dream leads?

The first thing you need to look into is to figure out what types of leads you will need, and the more specific your target customers are, the better you can target them.

For example, if you want to sell baby food to parents, “parents” are still not unclear and not precise.

Are you actually interested in selling the baby food to the dads or moms? Two parents families or single-parent families? Parents with many children or first-time parents? Stay-at-home parents or working-class parents? Your target specification goes on like that.

As you become familiar with your target customers, you can start to do research on long-tail keywords that will attract them to you.

The longer your target keyword is, the more you can be precise about your target customers.

Although it might not get too much traffic from the search engine, but you will be sure that people looking for them are those that really want to buy.

2. How will you address your target SEO leads?

Now that you have known some little details about your target leads, you can start to develop web content that will address their needs.

You will dedicate a page or two for them on your website to help you drive quality leads.

These dedicated pages can also be used to run PPC campaigns and other digital marketing campaigns.

For example, if you run a PPC campaign, you can send your target visitors to a specific page on your website which can also be your website landing page that is designed for your target customers based on the required keywords that triggered the ad campaign.

Once your ad has been clicked, your target customers are now at the top of your marketing sales funnel, after which you can engage and convince them to make a purchase.

3. How will you engage your SEO leads?

A large portion of SEO strategy for lead generation campaigns is about frequent engagement with target customers.

This engagement can be done in many ways. The first way is through your business social media channels, which you can use to build customer relationships on the social media channels they love to hang out with.

If your target customers are on Facebook, it will be wise you meet them there and also create a Facebook profile for your business. 

If they are visual enthusiasts who loves Pinterest, then you have to create a Pinterest account and engage with them there.

The closer you are to them on the web, the more they will trust your brand.

If you can develop quality and compelling content for your target customers even if it is in form of a Facebook post or short twitter tweet.

Your business social media followers can help reach more potential customers by sharing or retweeting your content.

The more reach you have, the more you can attract quality leads that are likely to purchase from you.

Another way you can engage your target customers is through your website blog posts.

Your blog page is not meant for only optimized content, you can also educate the world at large through your blog.

A quality and educational blog post that adds value to its readers can be shared a lot.

If you are using WordPress to host your website you can add social media widgets to your blog posts which will enable readers to share it if they find it valuable.

Plus, if you enable reader’s comments, you will be able to address your active target customers directly.

Even if you work in the medical industry and you have a website, you can use the blog page on your website to educate your potential clients.

An HIV patient lead generation strategy that includes SEO, will likely use blog posts to explain different HIV preventive procedures, how long it takes for HIV to show, how HIV can be cured at an early stage

How will you convert your SEO leads to customers?

In addition to your website lead generation campaign, SEO is also capable of converting your target customers.

After you have gained leads to your business website, you can engage them towards making a sale.

If you are into eCommerce business you can also place a call-to-action button at the end of your blog post to make your lead take the desired action.

Your call-to-action button should link to the product you are trying to sell E.g Buy Now, Order etc.

3 Tips On How You Can turn Your Acquired SEO leads into sales

Although acquiring leads is important for your business, but how will you use SEO to turn your acquired leads into conversion (sales)

SEO strategy does not stop with acquiring leads alone; it can also turn your website leads into sales.

Listed below is how you can use SEO for lead generation to create customer loyalty.

1. Write informative content that connects with potential leads

Part of a great SEO strategy is to create targeted copy that will only be used for your most important customers.

When you are doing SEO, creating content is a big part of attracting leads for your business, which will also be used to turn leads into paying customers.

When you are consistent in creating great quality content that informs your readers about what your business value is about, you are trying to convince them that you are the best company out there that can deliver to them what they are looking for.

Not only because of you are trying to sell to them, but because you have informed them about a lot of things they need to know about your industry.

Creating long-form content for your leads about your knowledge of your business industry is extremely beneficial to the growth of your business.

When I say long-form content, I mean web content that is over 1500 words in length.

Long-form content shows your leads and search engines that you have knowledge about the topic you published on your web page.

The goal of long-form content is to provide the best resource on a given topic so that your website visitors that read it won’t have to go to another web page to learn about the topic.

The continuation of creating content that resonates with the need of your business customers at every part of their sales journey will increase your rate of turning them into paying customer

You should also try to consider the kind of content you are creating for your target customers.

The content you create must resonate with the type of content they like to consume.

2. Inform your lead about your results to build trust with them

Another method that can help you have more sales is to create content around your past achieved results.

Your target customers are extremely interested in how you can solve their problems, so it’s important you outline your past results in your web content.

You can target relevant keywords query so that your website will show up in the search engine for the specific results your target customers are looking for.

3. Earn links from authoritative websites to boost your SEO strategy.

The more you prove to be an authority in your business industry, the more you are likely to turn your website leads into sales.

For you to build authoritative links, you will first have to become an authority in your chosen industry by providing your customers with tons of informative and educational content, which is really important to write about.

The search engines will also give your website credibility and place you higher in the search engine result pages when high-authority websites link to your web content, which will also give your business an added bonus to acquire more leads.

To turn your acquired leads into sales, your target customers will get to know about the high-authority websites that are linking to your web content, which will also give your business the trust that is needed.

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