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10 Types of Transactional eCommerce Emails


A transactional email is an email sent to a customer according to the action they perform on the website.

The open rate of transactional Emails is a whopping 53% which makes them 6x more effective than ordinary marketing emails.

Almost every eCommerce retailers make use of transactional email on their website these days to meet their sales goal.

They also take in new email subscribers to inform them about the other products that they have and also to remind them of their cart of abandoned goods.

You might have an eCommerce website with a lot of subscribers but yet haven’t been sending out transactional emails, you might be sending welcome emails to your customers, order confirmation, password reset, and so on.

But, sending all these emails without taking advantage of transactional emails will make you lose a lot of money to your competitors.

Transactional emails are necessary and needed for every eCommerce company that wants to be successful.

As a company, you don’t consent to send transactional emails to your customers.

The transactional emails you will send to your customers will be affiliated with the specific actions they take on your website.

Transactional emails are needed in your e-commerce strategy to maximize your revenue.

Let’s talk about the types of transactional emails you can send to your loyal customers.

Well, given below are 10 types of transactional emails you can send your subscribers.

10 Types of Transactional Emails

1. The Welcome Email

Every online business that does email marketing sends a welcome email to its customers.

A welcome email is sent to your customer upon the confirmation of their email sign-up on your website.

Welcome email is a good way to start a long–term relationship with your email subscribers because 40% of subscribers who receive a welcome email message engage more with the brands than the ones that don’t send welcome emails.

2. The Browse Abandonment Email

Some of the customers in your email might browse a product on your eCommerce store and yet leave the store without making a purchase; you should send a reminder email to them about the product they are searching for.

Three advantages of sending browse abandon email.

  1. 1
    It is a touchpoint to connect with your customer.
  2. 2
    It allows you to cross-sell and up-sell the related products you have in store.
  3. 3
    It will increase your conversion rate because online shoppers already showed interest on your product by browsing it.

3. The Cart Recovery Email

If you are into the eCommerce business you will be familiar with cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment is a huge headache for every eCommerce business.

According to stats, nearly 80% of carts are abandoned every year.

One of the easiest ways you can make more sales is to make sure you send art recovery emails to every shopper that abandons their cart without making a purchase.

If you are just finding this out you must be thinking that most e-commerce stores are already using cart abandonment emails but according to stats e-commerce stores that send cart abandonment emails are less than 20%.

If your store is among those that neglected cart abandonment emails you are losing money to your competitors

4. The Back-in-Stock Email

These types of emails are sent to notify customers that the out-of-stock product they wanted to buy is now back in stock. This email is highly necessary for your email strategy because it helps your e-commerce store in 3 different ways.

  1. 1
    It will increase your store revenue with high demand products
  2. 2
    It will bring customers back to your website to buy.
  3. 3
    It will help you build a lasting relationship with your customers.

5. The Thank-you Email

eCommerce stores with thank you emails get a high return on investment (ROI) from their website.

If you really want to make more profit on your eCommerce store you will need to build relationships with your customers and thank you email is a good way to start customer relationships.

Thank you email can be sent for many things on the website not only when someone makes a purchase.

Thank you email can be sent to a customer that adds products to their wish list.

6. The Reminder Email

The primary purpose of sending emails to customers is to encourage them to take the required action of making a purchase.

It is really difficult to capture people's attention, and it’s also difficult to convince them into taking the necessary action.

 Because of this, a reminder email will be necessary to help you remind your customers on taking the necessary and required action. 

As an online e-commerce store owner reminder email is very important for your business as it can create a sense of urgency that will bring in more sales.

For example; if you sent an offer to your new email subscribers with an offer expiration date and they did not claim the offer.

What did you think you can do next if they haven’t taken any action before the date is due?

You can send them a reminder email to remind them to make use of their offer as the offer expiration date is getting nearer.

They might be busy with other things which will make them forget to buy from your store; a reminder email is the best way to gently remind them to take the required action.

7. Added to Waitlist Confirmation Email

Nowadays many eCommerce websites are having waitlist features. The waitlist feature is used to increase your eCommerce store sales as it allows online shoppers to save items they will love to buy for the later days if they don’t have the capital to purchase them at the very moment.

It also allows online shoppers to save the products they could not buy at the moment due to non-availability.

If you have an online e-commerce store you need to make use of this feature to maximize your store profit, and if you have the feature without utilizing it is better if you start doing it now because you are leaving a lot of money on the table. 

8. Wishlist about to go out-of-stock email

Products placed on Wishlist by online shoppers are products they are interested in buying at a later date.

Due to the wider world's busy schedule, which does not exempt your store shoppers, they tend to forget to buy products they have added to the Wishlist.

Sending Out-of-stock emails to your shoppers will give them a chance to buy the product they were once interested in which can boost your store sales conversion.

9. Wishlist on sale email

Adding discounts to a product will make it look more attractive to your customers that’s why there is the emergence of Black Friday to boost sales.

At the same time adding a discount to a product does not mean you will make more sales.

The reason is that your subscribers might not be interested in your product, yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send promotional emails that will give your customers a discount.

When your customers love your product they will be motivated to buy by giving them a discount.

The discount you give them can make them act immediately because they are already interested in your products.

A lot of work is required to bring people to your website, after they have visited you will have to do more work to convert them into making a purchase.

97% of website visitors don’t buy on a first visit. This doesn’t mean that they will not buy in the future, you can do follow up on them by implementing a Wishlist series that will bring them back to your website to make a purchase.

10. Order confirmation email

An order confirmation email is a necessary email for every e-commerce store; it is the most important transactional email for every online transaction.

The reason for its importance is because it conveys relevant information about the order that is been placed by shoppers on your website along with the details about when their order will be delivered.

The primary purpose of order confirmation emails is the dissemination of order details yet they can be used to encourage customers to make more sales.

Order confirmation emails give you an opportunity to up-sell, and cross-sell if you know how to make use of emails effectively;


Transactional emails have a high open rate compared to other types of emails yet most online businesses don’t pay much attention to them.

Don’t be one of them because if you are then you are leaving a lot of money on the table for your competitors.

If you follow my write-up and you do the perfect job in your email campaign, you will boost your business engagement and make more sales.

Make use of your abandoned email list now and start selling.

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Do you want to craft result oriented transactional emails?

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